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Words First: Crafting Human-Centric Digital Content with Bailey Lewis | Creative Corner

Words First: Crafting Human-Centric Digital Content with Bailey Lewis | Creative Corner

Hey Beautiful people 🙌 Ya girl Keyanna Harper's got something 🔥 for y'all! We're switching gears in the latest episode of Creative Corner, where I got to chop it up with the dope Bailey Lewis from Words First. 🎙️ We're talking all things digital content, but with that real, soulful touch. Ain't nobody got time for robotic vibes, right? Peep the deets of our chat: 🎯 Bailey's journey from a keyboard warrior to a digital coach & trainer guru 🎯 Why words ain't just words when it comes to digital decision-making 🎯 The real tea on connecting with your peeps online. Genuine vibes only! 🎯 Why content strategy ain't just for business – it's a whole life mood! 🎯 What's next for human talk in this AI-driven world? Spoiler: We ain't going anywhere! Bailey even spilled some major keys for those of y'all feelin' a lil' lost in the content creation hustle. 🗝️💡 Remember, it's all about that human touch. Get the full scoop here: Words First x Bailey Lewis: [] For more of your girl's vibes and inspo: Obsidian People: Harper Assists: Drop those hashtags! 💃 #CreativeCorner #KeyannaHarper #BaileyLewis #WordsFirst #DigitalContentStrategy #HumanCentricContent #AIandHumanity #ContentCreationTips #EmpoweringCreators #CommunicationStrategy #ContentStrategyForLife Don't forget to smash that like button, share the love, and hit subscribe! Appreciate y'all for riding with me. Stay blessed and creative! ✌️🎨🖤
Creative Corner |"Culture Banx Unveiled: A Heart-to-Heart with Founder Kori Hale"

Creative Corner |"Culture Banx Unveiled: A Heart-to-Heart with Founder Kori Hale"

Join us in this empowering conversation as we sit down with the dynamic founder of Culture Banx, Kori Hale a beacon of innovation and a powerhouse in the world of finance and media. In this candid chat, Kori akes us on a journey through her remarkable career path, from the world of investment banking to becoming the CEO of the groundbreaking platform, Culture Banx Culture Banx is more than a business news platform; it is a movement, a community that marries the pulsating world of hip-hop culture with critical financial literacy, aiming to bridge the racial wealth gap. Picture the Wall Street Journal having a vibrant baby with Spotify's Rap Caviar playlist, and you get Culture Banks, a platform that is as authentic as it is revolutionary. In this interview, Kori shares her inspiring story of tenacity, from her early days at Hampton University to her time at Goldman Sachs, and her brave leap into the world of media. She recounts the invaluable lessons learned, the networks built, and the dreams pursued with unyielding determination. Discover how Culture Banx is not just disseminating information but fostering a community, a family that grows together, learns together, and builds together. Kori's vision is to meet people where they are, bringing insightful content straight to them, nurturing a space of inclusivity and empowerment. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a music enthusiast, or someone eager to gain financial literacy with a fresh perspective, this interview is for you. Dive in as we explore the world of Culture Banks, a platform that is as educational as it is entertaining, a place where finance meets culture, and dreams meet reality. 🔗 Find more about Website: Culture Banx IG:@culturebanx 🔗 Connect with Keyanna Harper and discover more inspiring interviews: Obsidian People: [Obsidian People Company ] Harper Assists: [Virtual Assistant Services] #CultureBanx #FinancialLiteracy #HipHopCulture #Empowerment #CommunityBuilding #BlackAndBrownCommunity #InnovativeMedia #Entrepreneurship #MediaRevolution #DiversityInFinance #BridgingTheGap #CulturalFlair #BlackEntrepreneurship Feel free to share your thoughts !
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