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14 Great gifts that will bring Christmas Cheer to 2020.

As Christmas quickly nears, it time to start buying to those incredibly unique gifts for the ones you love. I don’t know about you, but the most unique gift are the ones I love the most.

Here are 14 great gifts that will bring some Christmas Cheer to 2020.

Almost Studio

Almost is a Brooklyn based design studio with a focus on product design and branding.

Founded and led by award-winning, Multidisciplinary designer Odes Roberts.

Almost studios is a philosophy built on almost moments.

Standard Issue Sweatshirt Almost Studios $60

Baldwin Candle Price $28

Inspired by James Baldwin The fire next time

"It demands great spiritual resilience not to hate the hater whose foot is on your neck, and an even greater miracle of perception and charity not to teach your child to hate."

Leather, mahogany, and teakwood

10oz Candle

60 Hour burn


Unrld is woman owned streetwear brand that is an outlet forcreativity. Unrld brand comes from a unique collective of individuals created by Natalia Marin a tattoo artist based in Miami, FL.

Unrld create designs that inspire us, based on our memories and interests. We make clothing that you can wear in your day to day lives. Focusing on comfort and style.

Inspired by the cultures that formed us, the people that raised us, and the city that changed us. -unrld.

Autumn Wind Hoodie $65

Deadly Summer Tee $30

Mfinity Fashion

Custom Luxury Fashion Artist Brand. Clothing you hang as art. All original , exclusive pieces.

Textiles are custom printed from Mfinity sketchbooks, photographs, digital graphics, and paintings.

All artwork is printed to order from ethically sourced with socially responsible ethical partners.

Galaxy GEO Urban women’s Yoga Pants Price $80.

Jeweled Flag Men’s Track jacket Price $165

Elle Bars

Bars by Elle is a handmade soap company with beautifully crafted bar soaps, loofah bar soap, complexion bars ,Lavender and Lemon Sugar Scrub Bar.

Bars By Elle has wonderful scented luxury bath bars for your needs.

Peach Mango & Coconut Bar Price $ 5

Vanilla Coffee Bar $5

Marzipantz- Sleepytime Saints Book $ 14.99

Sleepytime Saints is a 36 page book with a collection of nursery rhymes about well-loved and some not-so-well-known saints of the Catholic Church in an ABC format.

Each page features handmade dolls from Marzipantz doll shop beautifully and imaginatively photoed in colorful flat-lay.

Though the limited time hardcover sale has passed, you can now pre-order the softcover book here! The books will begin shipping January 4.

Since I gave you a few of my favorite items that I am obsessed with and I honestly can not wait for you guys to purchase.

Not only are these items great quality, you are helping small business get their brands noticed.


Now, you can’t have Christmas cheer without the cheer, here are a few of my favorite beverages alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Wine is always one of my favorite gift to give and receive. Who doesn’t like a great bottle of wine to enjoy during the holiday. Here are a few of my favorite wines.


If you love a nice sweet and fruit wine that is balanced in flavor this is your wine.

PORCH SWING WINE- Sweet red wine Price $12

Classic sweet flavor with a refreshing fizz.

Brownie Point Vineyard - Red Blend Wine Price $10

Smooth with flavors of mocha and ripe cherries this is on the dry side of red wine with a hints of sweetness.

So, now got the wine out of the way, we can’t forget I nice bottle of Premium Whiskey.

Uncle Nearest

A 100 Proof Whiskey dating back to 1856, made by a former slave. The Story beside this whisky is one of greatness even in the face of slavery.

Check out the history

My fav, is adding a shot or two to my homemade eggnog and topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg UMMM UMMM. If that isn't Holiday Cheer I don't know what is.

So of course I can’t leave this blog without tell you guys about my Bonus Fav.

I am slightly obsessed!!!

Biggby Coffee!!!

This my hometown favorite drink for anytime of the year. But, I look forward to their holiday lattes. Right now I am obsessed with their Sweet Potato Latte and the GingerBread Man Latte you can not miss these tasty treats. So make sure you head to your nearest Biggby and give these two babies a try.

While Christmas is just a few weeks away and we are all running around getting gifts and partying with Family, Friends and Co workers. Please remember to be very safe. COVID-19 is still a major factor in how we should celebrate. Over there last few weeks I have been battling this monster in my home. As careful as we were we still got exposed and it was no joke and scary as hell, so please be responsible and safe. This just isn't about you, it's about the others around you and their health, if you are sick go get tested point blank , Period no excuses!!!!

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