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MAGA, Even If It Kills You

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

According to the Omaha police department, 25,000 people attended Trump‘s Rally in Nebraska Tuesday night.

Let Trump tell it, it was 29,000.

The 6,000 in actual attendance, bussed in from their cars, had mostly been at the rally for hours patiently waiting for their leader’s arrival.

Once on the premises, the leader Trumped it up per usual with a mouthful of lies, broken promises and sheer delusions of grandeur all while hoping “the fake new media turn their camera’s back.” Whatever that means.

However, the real story came close to an hour after he began, when he descended the stage stairs and make his way out the same way he flew in.

Nothing about what he regurgitated was new but it never ceases to amaze how much support his actions garner from his base no matter how life-sucking it may seem.

The same ones who turn a blind eye to his injustice and disrespect and support his divisive rhetoric he left stranded; For hours, his supporters were forced to stand in the cold waiting for the same 40 buses contracted by the Trump administration that took them from their cars to the rally to show back up.

Conflicting information leads one to believe that at least 7 people were taken to the hospital and around 30 more hospitalized for hypothermia.

He basically left people for dead, yet they still yearn for four more years of toxicity and systematic dysfunction. If he is willing to leave you standing in the cold, how is the reality of the next fours years going to be any different?

Tomorrow these same supporters will probably tell us he didn’t mean to, this wasn’t his fault, it probably was Obama’s plan all along or something the Democrats would have orchestrated.

We can all agree that it is not what people say but it is of their actions that show their true intent. And we’ve seen so many people exhibit self depreciating and demoralizing displays of behavior all in the name of Trump and excuse it as extreme patriotism. It makes you wonder what someone wouldn’t give up for the opportunity to be loud and wrong.

At a time during a pandemic when cases are rapidly rising AGAIN with no immunization in sight, the last thing anybody needs to be doing is standing outside freezing for no reason.

Make it make sense. And if you can’t please don’t kill yourself trying.

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