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  1. What is Obsidian People? Obsidian People is a company dedicated to creative expression, community building, and personal growth. They provide resources, education, and blogs promoting diversity and inclusion in the art and culture sector. They also prioritize wellbeing and provide content and resources that support creative mental and physical health.

  2. What kind of products does Obsidian People sell? Obsidian People sells original artwork from Toledo artist Odes Roberts Sr. This includes canvas and framed prints, journals and posters. They also offer gift cards for their store and services for sister company Harper Assists.

  3. What can I find on the Obsidian People blog? The Obsidian People blog shares the latest news, fashion, small business tips, and art. It also features a "Creative Corner" where small business owners and entrepreneurs share tips, tricks, and inspiration.

  4. What is the "Creative Corner"? The Creative Corner is a section on the Obsidian People blog where small business owners and entrepreneurs share tips, tricks, and inspiration. It includes interviews and blog posts.

  5. What is the "Featured Art" section? The Featured Art section showcases powerful and moving artwork. For example, John Wilson's painting "The Incident" is a statement on racism and oppression.

  6. What is the "Featured News" section? The Featured News section highlights important news related to the black community. For example, it discusses Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's policies on African American studies.

  7. What is "Buy Black"? "Buy Black" is a discovery platform that connects consumers with black women-owned brands. It aims to revolutionize the world by inspiring people to enact change in their own lives, communities, and industries.

  8. How can I join the Obsidian People community? You can join the Obsidian People's digital lifestyle community by siging up to be a member.

  9. How can I contact Obsidian People? You can contact Obsidian People via email at or by phone at 567-233-2344.

  10. How can I follow Obsidian People on social media? You can follow Obsidian People on Instagram at @obsidianpeople.

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