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Unleashing Creativity


Hi,  I am Keyanna  !

Welcome to Obsidian People Company

Obsidian People is dedicated to creative expression, community building, and personal growth. Our values inspire us to create a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates authenticity, and innovation.

We believe in empowering individuals through resources, education, and blogs. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the art and culture sector.


At Obsidian People, we prioritize well-being and provide content and resources that support creative, mental and physical health.


Our commitment to these values guides our decisions and actions as we strive to promote creative expression, community building, and personal growth.

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About Us

Village Healer


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Ancient Earth

Shop   Art

Original artwork from Toledo artist Odes Roberts Sr. Canvas and framed prints.

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Blog   Post

Most recent blog posts share the latest news, fashion, small business tips, and art.


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Creative Corner

Get the scoop on small business and entrepreneurs. They are sharing tips, trick and inspiration. Check out interviews and creative corner blogs. Click here to see past interviews.

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Featured Art


by Malik Roberts

Malik Roberts, born in 1990 in Brooklyn, New York, is a trailblazing contemporary artist whose visionary paintings breathe new life into the age-old Cubist tradition. The Brooklyn-based artist's work embodies a sophisticated fusion of fine art and multimedia, transcending conventional figuration to reveal a multi-dimensional tapestry of black culture and human nature. Through his innovative Cubo-Prismism style, Roberts' rhizomatic compositions weave geometric elements, capturing cinematic crescendos reminiscent of the High Renaissance. His use of rich melanated palettes, bold hues, and compelling chiaroscuro evokes a range of emotions and themes. Rooted in the metaphysical teachings of the Five Percenter Nation and influenced by cinema and American cultural life, his art illuminates the complexity of identity and the resilience of the human spirit. Through his canvas, Roberts challenges perceptions and invites audiences to embrace an unapologetic and profound “way of seeing” the Other.

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Featured Fashion

Bethann Hardison: Fashion Pioneer and Black fashion Culture Icon

In the world of fashion, few names resonate as powerfully as Bethann Hardison. Her journey from a groundbreaking model to a fervent activist for diversity in the fashion industry is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of standing your ground and driving change with integrity and grace.

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"Edward Blum, known for challenging affirmative action, targets Fearless Fund's mission to empower Black women entrepreneurs. Explore the impact of this legal battle on racial equity in business

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Buy Black

BLK + GRN is a discovery platform that connects consumers with Black women-owned brands. Our community of artists and entrepreneurs produces products that are made for our bodies and minds, not just on them. The BLK + GRN brand aims to revolutionize the world by inspiring a people to enact change in their own lives, communities and industries. By shopping at BLK + GRN, you possess the power to support leaders like yourself - who create outstanding products while telling their own stories. When purchasing Black, you possess the gift of influence. When living green, you possess the power to lead a happier and prioritize healthier life.


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New  On the Scene

New businesses are made everyday and some we never seen or heard of. Here is where we make them known and shine for all to see.

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Join Obsidian People's digital lifestyle community and Express yourself authentically through creativity. Empowering connections and a commitment to education, art, diversity & inclusion. Let's make  Obsidian People a hub for inspiration and innovation. Discover your creative potential and connect with like-minded individuals in our supportive community today."


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