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I specialize in brand storytelling through written and digital content.

Helping you generate content ideas and implement them to build your brand awareness.

Hello I am Keyanna

 Content  Strategist

"Brand building made easy for the busy business owner"

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I'm here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of online content. Whether you're looking to improve your personal brand or business website, I can help you create dynamic and engaging content that will resonate with your audience.

Through my storytelling approach, I'll work with you to develop a compelling narrative for your brand that will help you stand out from the competition.

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Prices $ Plan

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Blog Content

The power of words is truly incredible. It's twice as likely that you'll be successful with a written blog strategy than if your company doesn't have any content on the internet at all! And according to Content Marketing Institute, 60% percent or organizations who use this method are effective in comparison to just 32%.

Content  Strategy

The goal of any company’s content marketing strategy is to build an audience and achieve at least one profitable result: increased revenue, lower costs or better customers. Organizations use this approach for many reasons including building brand awareness by providing valuable information about their products/services which can then be marketed based on those findings; attracting new leads through social media engagement like Facebook ads (you must know how); gaining inspiration from others' success stories – all leading up towards conversion!

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Your credibility is the backbone of your business. Without it, you can't expect to make any progress with acquiring new customers or building trust in those already loyal to your brand! SEO helps build up this valuable asset by giving people more information about who they're buying from so that when someone trusts what we do all too well- our value grows even higher than before which gives us greater opportunities at capturing new market segments while retaining current ones as well

Keyword strategy

Keyword strategy is the key to turning your website’s traffic into clients and sales. You can use keywords as a guide when building or editing content, ensuring that you are always targeting those most likely interested in what it has offer online!
A good way of implementing this into an overall marketing plan would be by using Google Analytics - if we want our business' efforts seen then there needs some measurement attached; so why don't I show y'all how easy these guys make things look? First step: install extensions from their site (it takes less than 5 minutes). Second

Social Media Content/ Marketing

Social media is an effective way to reach new audiences with engaging content. Engagement helps you build trust, authority and also show your brand personality on social platforms ! You need a solid plan of action when creating posts so make sure they engage the user by being creative - keep things lighthearted while still providing value.

Social Media can help businesses connect better than ever before as well which leads into increasing awareness about their product/service offerings among potential consumers leading up sales conversions.

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