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About The Artist

Odes Roberts was born on September 17, 1955 in Toledo, Ohio. From a young age, he was drawn to art and enjoyed drawing and painting on any surface he could find. During his high school years, he received mentorship from four esteemed art instructors in Toledo: Florence Smith, John Wheeler, LeMaxie Glover, and J Michael Wilson. These experiences solidified his passion for art.

Odes has exhibited in numerous major exhibitions and has had five solo shows. He believes that as an artist, it is his responsibility to create paintings that are aesthetically pleasing and also tell a story. He takes great joy in seeing the reactions of viewers who are reminded of a loved one or a place from their past when they look at his work.

In his paintings that highlight black heritage, such as those featuring the kings and queens of ancient Africa, Odes aims to educate and remind people of their history and cultural identity.

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