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Breaking Down 7 Reasons Your Dreams May Not Be Coming True and How to Overcome.

Hello beautiful people.

Today we are talking about Breaking Down 7 Reasons Your Dreams May Not Be Coming True and How to Overcome. I know you've been tirelessly chasing your dreams and goals, and sometimes it feels like you're running a marathon with no finish line. It's the most frustrating thing when you have a dream you can't wait to see bloom. To pour your heart and soul into something, only to feel like you're stuck in the same spot for periods at a time makes you want to give up.

So let's talk about Adrian's journey. She is an aspiring writer with a story burning inside her. She dreams of publishing her book, and she works hard every day going step by step, but days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, with very little progress. She's overwhelmed by vague ideas and getting the side hustle blues, She has so much information about how to move forward but she just doesn't know what to do with all this info.

She begins to doubt her abilities, and her current environment doesn't nurture her creativity. Adrian decided to take matters into her own hands and grab a goal journal, read a few books on how to manifest and organize her dreams and create a vision board with timelines and achievable goals set for her day-to-day life.

Now, picture Adrian's ideas flowing freely, her confidence soars, and her surroundings inspire her. She writes with clarity and purpose, her words painting vivid pictures. In this world, her dream is not just a possibility; it's an impending reality. This is the world we all deserve – a world where our dreams aren't just figments of our imagination but tangible achievements within our grasp.

You're not alone in this journey. Many of us have been there, feeling like our dreams are just out of reach. Today, we're breaking down why sometimes our dreams seem to be on pause and how to hit the play button. So, let's unravel these mysteries together, and unblock some of your desires.

1. Vague Desires: The Art of Being Specific

Ever tell your friend or spouse, "I want something nice to eat," and end up with something you didn't like? That's what happens when you are too vague. The Universe/God, whoever you pray and talk to spiritually, is trying to figure out what you want. The clearer you are, the better the delivery. Instead of "I want to be successful," try "I want to launch my fashion line by 2024, featuring eco-friendly materials." See the difference? It's like giving Google Maps the exact address instead of just the city. Be specific, and watch your dreams get on the right path!

2. Mental State: Your Inner GPS

Imagine trying to drive somewhere new without a GPS; that's what it's like when your mental state isn't aligned with your dreams. If your mind is a jungle of doubts or hidden motives, you're on a road to nowhere. It's time to declutter your mental space.

Think of meditation as your mental GPS, guiding you toward clarity. How meditation changes the brain is using mindfulness, and intentional awareness, which it helps the parts of the brain that are in charge of learning, and attention. When meditation, your brain focuses on the present.

When your thoughts are clear and focused, your dreams start getting the green light. Remember, a clear mind is like a fertile ground for dreams to grow and flourish.

3. Negative Mindset: The Dream Crusher

A negative mindset is like a flat tire on your dream journey – you can't go far until you change it. If your mind constantly broadcasts, "I can't do this," guess what? Your dreams tune into that frequency. Flip the script. Start telling yourself, "I can and I will." A Negative mindset can set you down a path of depression and despair

Positivity isn't just feel-good vibes; it's a powerful tool that shapes your reality. Think of your mind as a garden – plant positivity, and you'll harvest dreams. It's time to switch channels from doubt to confidence!

4. Lack of Alignment: Walking the Talk

Ever promised yourself to start that diet "tomorrow" or saved that task until the minute and then didn't start? That's a misalignment right there. Your actions need to match your words. Dreaming of being an artist but never touching a paintbrush won't get you there.

Start small, but at least start. If you dream of writing a book, write a page a day. It's like building a bridge between your dreams and reality, one plank at a time. If you want to start that business, take a business class.

Remember, dreams don't just need wings to take flight; they need landing gear too. Align your actions, and watch your dreams take flight!

5. Limiting Beliefs: The Invisible Fences

Limiting beliefs are the invisible fences that will hold you back. Your beliefs are sneaky; they creep into your mind and whisper things like, "You're not good enough" or "You can't do this." Let's take the time to break these chains. We should always challenge every negative belief and Replace "I can't" with "Why not me?"

Affirmations are the tools you should use, I use them every morning as I brush my teeth, Dedicate a few minutes a day and tell yourself how amazing you are. Don't know where to start? You can start here with Shelah Marie. These affirmations and meditation are daily doses of dream fertilizer.

Every time you affirm your worth and capability, you're busting down those fences. Remember, the only limits that truly exist are the ones you accept.

6. Toxic Environment: The Dream Polluters

Your surrounding environment can either nourish your dreams or poison them. A toxic environment is like trying to grow a beautiful flower in a dump. Understandably, It's tough. Surround yourself with positivity, people who uplift you, and environments that inspire you to be you and grow. It's like sunshine and water for your dreams.

Don't be afraid to cut ties with negativity, whether it's people, places, or patterns. Create your own sanctuary where your dreams can breathe. Remember, you're the gardener of your dream garden – keep the pests out and let the positivity in!

7. Flowing Energy Towards Nightmares: Redirecting Your Focus

Focusing on what you don't want is like watering the weeds; the more you water, the bigger and more invasive. If you're always worried about failing, you're feeding right into that negative energy and your fears, not your dreams. So, shift your focus.

Concentrate on what you want to bloom. Use visualization and positive affirmations as your gardening tools. Visualize your success, feel it, and believe in it. It's like setting the stage for your dreams to perform. Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows. Water your dreams, not your fears!

Overcoming Setbacks in Manifesting Dreams

Setbacks are not roadblocks; they're detours on the path to success. When faced with a setback, refocus on your vision. Why did you start? What's your end goal?

This is your anchor in the stormy sea. Keep taking consistent action. Take it slow and steady. Believe in yourself – you've got this! Remember to articulate your desires clearly, maintain a positive environment, and align your mental state with your dreams.

When setbacks happen, see them as opportunities to learn and grow. They're not stopping signs; they're stepping stones, so let's keep going.

Aligning Intentions and Actions When Manifesting Dreams

Turning your dreams into reality, your intentions and actions must sing the same tune as your dreams. You must set clear intentions and be as detailed as possible. This is like drawing up a map for the universe regarding manifesting your dreams. All of your goals must align with your purpose and no mixed signals. We all have used Google Map and watch how if the signal is wrong your map spin and send you in the wrong direction until it gets the picture and puts you back on the right road. This is not what you want, so get those details down to the T.

Your intentions are the way of your dreams, and your actions are the how. Keep your mindset focused and consistent with your plan. Take action in that direction of the dream, even if it's just spending 30 minutes writing out how you going to start; something is better than not, These actions need to resonate with your soul and move you closer to your dreams doesn't matter how small or large, or how long it may take start somewhere. It's all about being in harmony with the universe. When your intentions and actions align, dreams don't just sparkle; they shine!

There you have it, dreamers! A roadmap to manifesting your dreams. Remember, it's not just about wishing upon a star; it's about being the star of your own show. Keep dreaming, keep doing, and let the magic unfold! 🌟💫 If you need a little starter, click here and get my free download Dream Plan. Let's start the convo on how we can manifest our dreams.

Download PDF • 4.38MB

P.S.: Don't forget to check out our Be Blessed Less Stressed: Sunshine Journal. Store your manifestation in these safe pages. And remember, at Obsidian People, we believe in you – every step of the way! 📓✨.

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