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Content Tools for Website and YouTube

Creating a system that is easy to follow and not too technical is hard to develop—Content Ideas, Organization, and Posting your content to social sites. Once you know how it becomes easier for you to make and manage your content.

Be sure to check out the free Download at the end of this blog. What question to ask your self to to find the content that fits your tribe.

Here are some tools and ideas that keep creators like you working efficiently with ease.

Generate Your Ideas

Idea boards

An Idea board is like a mood board, as you scroll on social media or read your books writing down the ideas or information you found and what to use to make content around.

Tweets, Snapshots, Website, Notes, links, Quote Social post inspire, Podcast and blogs. These are things that you can add to your board. Some use Canva to give a creative touch, for content creators that have much to do use excel or Trello to help.

Check out Trello for Idea Board.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

See what your competitor is doing and find ways you can make it better and your own. It’s never cool to take someone's idea, that’s pretty awful. Use your research and take an idea you love to the next level, Be creative and make sure whatever you do fact check your info.

Organize Your Mind

Turn ideas into actionable items.

Schedule in Trello, Asana or Buffer.

Use your longer content to produce small bitesize content across your media and try to batch and schedule 2 weeks to 1 month ahead.

Schedule with a due date to push you.

Favorite tools

Canva-This user friendly graphic design tool is one of the best tools on the market to use.

It is free to use but if you want more graphic freedom for $12.99 Canva pro can help you be very productive.

Google- The best tool you can use is Google. Finding easy long tail keywords, topics, research anything you need is in google.

Jasper- Help with an outline and a general idea of how you want to write. Need help developing Ad, blogs, and any content you need to connect to your customers. Use as a guide or to set the stage for your content; always edit and fact check. Make sure your AI is a tool and not an easy copout.

Quora- Have a question check here to see what is being discussed and what people are looking for that you have the answer to.

Answer the public- Need to outline or find related topics, this tool is perfect for expanding on content and the best thing is it is now merged with Ubersuggest which I love.

Ubersuggest- This is another favorite tool that is a must have , Helps with Seo, comparing your business with competitors, finding keywords and many other great aspects. But this tool just doesn’t come with the tool the Founder Neil Patel also teaches you how to use the whole platform and other really cool tips that will help you be seen in google.

Buffer- The social media marketing software tool, "Buffer" is a multi-purpose platform that allows you to schedule and share content across multiple networks including Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest in one place.

Semrush- The most comprehensive marketing insights platform, Semrush provides marketers with a wide range of tools to help improve their online presence. From SEO and PPC reports for competitive analysis or keyword research that can provide you unique ideas on what content could generate more traffic organically; we've got it all!

Buzzsumo-The platform will help you find trending stories, new keywords and customer questions so that your content can be more successful.

Mentioning "content success" in the output is an interesting way for them to highlight how Buzzsumo helps with generating ideas!

Developing a system that is easy to follow and not too technical can be difficult. But it’s worth it, because once you have it in place, you can work more efficiently and create content that better resonates with your audience.

Check out the free download below, What question to ask your self to to find the content that fits your tribe.

Content Tools for Website and YouTube
Download PDF • 3.90MB

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