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Empowering Black Women in 2024: Reaching Your Fitness Goals and Making New Habits Stick

This time of the year always brings a sense of renewal and the opportunity for self-improvement. It's a chance to reflect on our lives, evaluate our progress, and set goals that can lead us closer to our aspirations. One common resolution many people make is to prioritize fitness and work towards shedding some weight. While the array of options might initially seem overwhelming, we can view it as a chance for growth and success.

Women striving to achieve their fitness objectives can face challenges influenced by cultural expectations and stereotypes. The atmosphere at the gym may feel intimidating when there's a sense of judgment based on one's race or body size. Additionally, staying motivated can be challenging if there's a belief that conforming to society's body shape standards is attainable even if you try hard enough.

However, it's essential to recognize that these obstacles remind you of your strength and resilience! Deep within you lies the power and determination needed to reach your goals; it just requires time, concentration, and unwavering commitment.

Remember that progress is essential, whether it's taking a stroll around your neighborhood or adding a few crunches to your workout routine. Each small effort moves you closer to reaching your fitness goals in 2024!

To stay motivated on your journey to health, try changing how you perceive exercise. I see it as a punishment for not having the " body," so think about how great it feels when those endorphins kick in after a good workout! Consistency and celebration are key. Take time each day to acknowledge the effort you're putting into caring for yourself both mentally. Whether it's dancing in front of the mirror or practicing yoga outdoors, savor every moment along the way.

Connecting with inspiring women who have similar experiences can be a source of motivation throughout this process. Hearing about their health journeys can offer insights into what has worked for them as they pursue their goals.

Black woman in a boxing class
Boxing Class

In my blog post "40 and Fabulous; A Black Women Guide to Maintaining Health and Preventing Chronic Diseases," I discuss a health scare that impacted my life and self-esteem.

Despite understanding the root cause of the changes in my body, I continue to consult with my doctor about treatment options to regain my sense of self. One solution that was recommended to me is Mounjuro, an injection known to assist with diabetes management. It is now being recognized for its benefits in treating PCOS in women with kidney issues and liver problems.

The challenge lies in the affordability of this medication and the reluctance of insurance companies to cover weight loss medications, educational resources, or assistance with weight management. It's puzzling how obesity is acknowledged as a leading cause of health conditions and premature deaths among Americans within the Black community. So why don't individuals struggling with these issues receive the support to lead healthy lives? However, despite these setbacks, it's essential to prioritize our health without relying solely on a miracle cure.

Lastly, remember that success means things to people, whether completing a marathon or shedding a few pounds, whatever your goal may be. Make sure it holds personal significance for you!

Here at Obsidian People, we wholeheartedly celebrate any achievements you make in 2023 – no matter how big or small – even if it involves appreciating progress rather than just focusing on the numbers on the scale ;). Best of luck with your fitness aspirations—we have faith in you!

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