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Happy New Year

Happy new year my OPC friends, Thank you for your patience. The last few months has been of one of the hardest of 2021. My absence from posting and blog and giving great deals for art was cut do to a tragedy in my family. Dealing with the loss of a love one devastated my whole family in only three months time. As we all know somethings have to be put on hold when your caring for a loved who is terminally ill, my husband and family needed my fullest attention and support as we heal and move forward with heavy hearts.

I’m grateful for my supporter and very sorry for the absence.

In good news Obsidian People will be back with more content , art talk and discussion. I will be introducing new services and looking for a group of writers and content creator to help move Obsidian to the next level.

Year 2022 is a year for leaping into the unknown to find your treasure. I looking forward to helping others find their treasures guide them to the right info and help my clients get there brand message out into this world.

Your never prepared for what’s to come sometimes you just have to push through the hard stuff. So, we push on in hopes to make the one we love proud of us and we proud of we. I’m grateful for what 2020 brought and I’m saddened by what 2020 brought. As life is a wonderful and beautiful gift it has some really ugly parts and we have to travel that road and make the best out of our lemons.

Thank you all so much for the out pouring of love and condolences.

That’s it for now. Until next time stay bless less stressed !!!


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