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Manifest Your Dreams by Asking These 3 Questions

Have you ever heard that the universe is your for the taking if only you ask? If only it were that simple. Just like The Bible says "Faith without work is dead," that same logic applies here.

Dr. Michael Beckwith is the founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles and will be celebrating the 33rd year this November 202. Seen on Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday, The Secret and Dr. Oz, Dr. Beckwith approaches spirituality from a practical standpoint, using meditation, prayer and the LifeVisioning process he created to assist others in becoming more intentional and manifesting their dreams.

Just think about how everything first starts in the mind. Before it can become an action or a statement out of your mouth, you had to think it first and feel it next. If someone told you to think about your worse time, your mind and/or body reacts causing anger, hurt, hatred, etc; same goes for the great time that may have you laughing and smiling at the memory being recreated in your mind. Manifestation, or the ability to create the next best version of yourself, works the same way.

Stopping by The Ellen Show recently, Dr. Michael Beckwith broke down the 3 questions you should ask yourself to manifest a more peaceful and intentional life.


What's in me that's trying to emerge?

Throwing this question to the universe is the start of the manifesting process. It gives the universe something to work with. You're intentionally telling the universe that you are open and ready to hear what is in store for you.

What gift do I have to give to the world?

If you are struggling with your next move or really don't know where to go or look, this question will point you in the right direction. Essentially by asking the universe, you are also asking yourself. By meditating on this question, it creates a shift in your mind and body to be open to the process of what's next. Your gift may be a new business you never thought about creating or expanding in ways you never though possible. Sometimes we can think so small and block what is in store. Asking fuels the universe in unlocking more of who you really are and what you have to offer.

Who will I be when this crisis is over?

Here is to visualizing! Just by asking yourself who will you be, it forces you to see yourself in a better version. Seriously, because nobody in a crisis asks for it get worse. I bet you we all say some version of the same thing when we're "growing" through it : I can't wait 'til this is over! If you find yourself in a state of stagnation or going through growing pains, hand it over to the universe and see if you the universe shows up with relief.


Closed mouths don't get fed and you never know until you ask, right? Yeah, we've heard them all before. But in this instance it's really true. Religion is one of the biggest influences in the world pushing peace, prosperity and possibility yet so many people life very unintentional and unfulfilled lives. It's probably because so many of us have not been taught how to harness the power of intention and inner peace. Remember what The Bible said about faith without work right? Faith is believing. The work is quieting the mind, getting clear on what you want, what needs to be done and who you will be once you've completed the process.

Ready for something new in your life? There's no better day than today to manifest it!

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