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Our Vote Means Everything

It's not just an election; it's a fight for the future of our country. How this country turns is sure that our democracy will fall or be repaired; People of color will be broken, helpless, and full of debt. It sounds like we will go back to the early 80s, and if anyone my age remembers and studied that time, it was not great for people of color.

  • Four hundred anti-voter bills have been introduced in 48 states.

  • Partisan poll watchers in Texas are seen as voter intimidation.

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Power in Our Votes

The right to vote is one of the most important rights Americans have. It makes us citizens and allows us to choose who represents us in government. Without it, we're just subjects at the mercy of whoever holds power over us.

And right now, some people are trying very hard to take that power away from us. They want to make it harder for people like you and me—people who are black or brown—to vote by restricting polling places or requiring IDs that many of us don't have. These politicians want fewer people voting because it will give them more power over those who do vote, which means more money for their campaigns.

I know this is scary stuff, but I promise you: we can fight against these efforts to keep us from our rightful place as total participants in American democracy. Over the last several years, 400 anti-voter bills have been introduced in 48 states.

We can show up at the polls and make sure our voices are heard loud and clear—and no amount of intimidation will stop us from doing so.

The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Black voters, who racist laws and practices have historically disenfranchised, have fought for the right to vote their entire lives.

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Suppressions Efforts

In 2018, we saw increased government voter suppression efforts—actions often aimed at black communities. These efforts include purging voter rolls and closing polling places.