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Ron DeSantis War on African American Studies in Florida

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

  • Ron DeSantis is attacking various key programs to educate students about African American heritage.

  • This restriction can have long-lasting effects as it takes away from a child's ability to be informed and empowered regarding their experiences.

African Americans are disgusted with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' war on African American studies and the "woke" movement. His policies specifically target the education of black history and culture, eliminating access to resources and programs that have proven beneficial to the community. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the issues at stake, analyze the impacts of DeSantis' actions, and provide steps that push back against his policies.

Ron DeSantis is attacking various key programs to educate students about African American heritage. He has proposed eliminating mandatory ethnic studies classes from middle and high schools. These cuts come amid a nationwide reckoning over race and racism, complicating efforts for progress due to a lack of access to valuable educational resources. The reduction of these initiatives leaves younger generations without any exposure or knowledge about their complete cultural heritage.

The impact of this type of policy extends far beyond simply withholding information - it actively works towards erasing black identity by removing it from its rightful place in our shared social consciousness. This attack is incredibly impactful because it predominantly affects those who may not even know they're being denied knowledge: young people who rely on schools to teach them about their culture.

Moreover, by failing to supply young people with the resources they need to understand themselves better, entire generations are left without an appreciation for their identity - an essential step for success in today's world.

Curriculum Rejected by Florida

The following is a copy of the curriculum rejected by Florida's education system.

  • African American contributions to civil rights, including the Montgomery bus boycott, sit-ins, and other significant events.

  • Contributions of African Americans to the history of the United States.

  • The role of race and racism in American history .

  • Historical examples of discrimination against African Americans.

  • The use of peaceful protest in civil rights movements such as the Freedom Rides.

Here is a copy of the complete curriculum that NBC news posted.

Fortunately, there are ways individuals can take action against these hostile policies. Here are some ideas:

  1. Reach out to your local representatives in support of bills that push back against this type of policy.

  2. Donate time or money towards organizations like [The National Museum Of African American History And Culture]

  3. Educate yourself and others about what is happening - understanding the issues and ensuring everyone is informed is key to effecting meaningful change.

  4. Support initiatives designed specifically for young people such as Teach For America's Black Education Initiative, which encourages greater diversity within classrooms across the US and Canada by providing access to quality education opportunities for African Americans students specifically [TFA's Black Education Initiative(

The Stop Woke Act recently signed into law in Florida, has been widely criticized due to its potential impacts on black and lbgtq communites. Although many details remain unclear, this legislation could strip citzens of their rights to learn about their culture or heritage.

This restriction can have long-lasting effects as it takes away from a child's ability to be informed and empowered regarding their experiences. Without access to important cultural material, students may lack the essential knowledge to succeed in adulthood.

It also raises questions of constitutionality as children are denied fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, which should be afforded to all citizens regardless of age. While this act is still very much in its early stages and details are still being worked out, one thing is clear: It's an attack on black history and could violate civil liberties for African American youth.

Ways African Americans Can Teach Their Kids About Their History and Push Forward

African American families constantly seek ways to educate their children about their history and culture. When the media often misrepresents or ignores the contributions of black people, children of color need to know their history to feel empowered. Here are some ways African American parents can teach their kids about their history and push them forward:

  1. Gather stories from elders - Have family members share personal stories, anecdotes, and riddles they have encountered throughout life. This allows children to gain valuable insight into how others may have faced similar challenges while also teaching them the importance of respecting one's ancestors.

  2. Introduce books written by authors of color - Help children understand perspectives beyond their own by having them explore literature written by African American authors such as Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, and James Baldwin.

  3. Take part in cultural activities - Attend plays, festivals, concerts, and other events that celebrate black art and culture. Participating in activities like these will help your child understand the beauty of being a person of color while fostering a sense of community with those around them.

  4. Visit historical sites - Visiting places like civil rights memorials or other landmarks related to African American history will bring what they've learned alive in an experiential way.

  5. Embrace conversations on race - Start discussions early with your child to ensure they are comfortable talking about more complicated aspects of racism, such as microaggressions or implicit bias, so they can be better prepared when encountering them in the future.

Overall, the policies being enacted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are deeply concerning, as they restrict and defund access to crucial African American heritage material. This hurts individuals directly and has a ripple effect on academic achievement and even job opportunities in the future. It is up to us to fight against these hostile policies and ensure that all citizens have access to a proper education regardless of their background.

In my opinion: African American History is a big part of my life growing up in the Roberts household. My father (Orobs the great ) based most of his paintings on the black history. Going to the library every week and gathering books to read on black history was how my culture was infused into me and now my kids' lives. This, to me, is an enormous disservice to black children and other froms diffrent backgrounds. He's telling us we don't matter; the truth doesn't matter. He wants to hide the ills of this country and live a lie about how this country came to be. This is coming from a man that never studied black history and knows nothing about it; this is a political game. Time to pay attention.

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