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Rooted in Tradition: How Black Families Can Celebrating Their Heritage in 2023

Celebrating black heritage is something my family and I pride ourself on

in the ever-changing world, preserving cultural heritage becomes even more essential daily. Black families in 2023 are finding innovative ways to celebrate their rich history and pass on traditions to future generations.

Embracing Ancestral Roots

Black culture is more than the strife and hardships of Black experiences; it's something to be proud of. From our hair, clothes, speech, and music, overall being. Keeping black heritage and culture as a core within our families gives us pride in the roots our ancestors made for us to continue for generations.

One powerful way families keep their heritage alive is by embracing their ancestral roots. Websites like and 23andMe provide valuable insights into genealogy, allowing people to trace their lineage and connect with their African heritage and culture. These discoveries often inspire families to learn about their ancestors' customs, food, music, and languages, enriching their cultural knowledge and strengthening their identity.

In 2022 my husband and I decided to do our genealogy; super excited to learn about our bloodline. Learning the history of your bloodline and teaching it to your children keeps the history flowing and honoring your ancestry and adding to the culture of the African-American.

I say research your genealogy and unlock the history that lays within.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses and Local Artists

It's more important than ever to show love and support to our people. By uplifting Black-owned businesses and local artists, we're boosting our economic growth and keeping our culture alive and vibrant.

Some Black families are consciously trying to support Black-owned businesses and local artists. Investing in their communities, living, and thriving in these communities help preserve cultural authenticity and contribute to the growth of Black entrepreneurship. This fosters economic empowerment and ensures that their unique cultural expressions thrive.

The Importance of Family Gatherings and Celebrations

Nothing beats the good vibes and warm connections we make at family gatherings and celebrations when it comes to keeping our culture strong. These events unite us, from soulful Sunday dinners to vibrant Juneteenth festivities and meaningful Kwanzaa ceremonies. Sharing laughter, stories, and favorite recipes, we carry on the values and traditions that have shaped us.

We pass on the richness of Black culture from one generation to the next through these beautiful moments, surrounded by the love of family.

Another avenue to pass on our heritage is through creating and sharing digital photo albums and recipe books or eating and sharing digital photo albums, recipe books, or even videos showcasing our talents, skills, memories, and story.

Let's not forget the importance of storytelling in our culture. Encouraging our elders to share their life experiences and wisdom with the younger generation is essential. Recording their narratives or setting up family podcasts can be a powerful way to preserve our history and ensure that these valuable life lessons are never forgotten.

By immortalizing these treasured family moments and traditions, we ensure they are never lost, and future generations can continue to learn and appreciate our rich Black culture.

Expressing Heritage through the Arts

Supporting black arts also offers another vibrant platform for Black families to express their heritage and culture. Films, literature, and music by Black creators provide an avenue to explore complex themes such as identity, resilience, and history. Engaging with these works as a family fosters an appreciation for the arts and sparks meaningful conversations about shared experiences and cultural pride.

Black families in 2023 are actively preserving and celebrating their heritage through ancestral exploration, community support, family gatherings, and engagement with the arts. By nurturing their roots and passing on traditions, they ensure their rich cultural legacy continues to flourish for generations.

Andrea Mckenzie-Soul Sisters

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