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Stressed While Searching For Your Purpose? Do This Instead

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

On one hand they say, “be careful what you’re looking for because you just might find it.” On the other hand you’ve probably heard “just stop looking. It’ll come when you least expect it.” We can get so caught up in the searching process that we get nowhere. Especially when it comes to figuring out our lives and what we are supposed to be doing. All of a sudden there is a time clock we are racing against and there feels like there is never enough hours. By the time you really look up, it’ll feel like its too late. Instead of stressing about the right move, when is the last time you gave into your hobby? Or tried something new?

Was it that book you saw you couldn’t wait to read or that new restaurant not too far from you.

Your bucket list?

How many items have you crossed off?

What was the language you were thinking about becoming fluent in? Or that class you wanted to check out? They may have an online option as well.

You’ve been longing to take that road trip only a few hours drive away. No time like this weekend.

Those same friends you’ve been trying to make time for may just be free in the upcoming weeks to finally make plans and stick with them. Great time to explore some of the hidden gems around your city, especially if that road trip has to be pushed back.

If than manuscript has been calling your name, it could be time to add some words to it.

Or whatever is calling you, constantly on your mind, keeps you up at night or just causes you to ponder, I encourage you to give it a whirl.It may not be your purpose but could end up being the gear needed to align you where you’re supposed to be. Because stressing about it may keep it at the front of your mind, constantly recycling the same conversation while furthering your worry, age, fine lines and gray hairs. But trying something, anything, gives you new experiences, create memories and can broaden your perspective.

Whether doing something or not, both options are a choice. But only one will get your closer to where you are supposed to be. Choose wisely.

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