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The Fear of Taking the Leap

One may say that taking an excellent opportunity and running with it is a great idea. No one ever talks about the worries that go on in your head when that leap of faith can affect you and your family. Taking leaps of faith can be a scary thing, especially if you have a family to think of. Getting that great job opportunity is something to celebrate, but when you have worries of, "Will this move be ideal for my family?" "How far will I have to drive?" “Will my husband be able to pick the kids up from school ?”

Those questions can deter you from going with that opportunity. Many times, your own mind can stop you from taking that leap. Things like "Am I ready for this opportunity," “Will this be something I can manage?" "Am I good enough for this opportunity?" Many days I talked myself out of excellent opportunities. Sometimes the reasons were they didn't resonate with what I wanted, or I was insecure with what the opening had to offer. Tired of feeling like I was at a standstill and not using my purpose, I said no more being afraid to leap. Instead of talking myself out of these opportunities, I talked myself into them. "My kids will be fine," "My husband will be fine," "I will be fine”, "I can do this" by talking to myself with positive affirmations I leaped right into my opportunities and smashed those babies out! Sure, I was terrified, sometimes on the verge of tears, but I did it, and I was proud that I jumped. I've had setbacks just like anyone else, worked my finger to the bone to get what I wanted, and it turned out not to be what I thought it would. That was always a fear of mine not being good enough or being stuck in a place I couldn't get out of.

Sometimes as women, we tend to overthink things because of all the underlining issues we deal with, and we're scared to fail. Think of it this way, how can you fail if you never tried. I heard a great saying from Les Brown," Fail Forward." Even if you fail, you are moving and learning, so don't be afraid. I say if the opportunity is excellent and you have talked it over with your significant other, go for it; don't hold yourself back, those limiting beliefs doesn't help anyone. Be aware, everyone will not root for you, and sometimes it could be your significant other, good friend, or someone you value their opinions. If you genuinely believe in yourself, move forward. Eventually, they will see and fall in line or fall away; either way, you need to have confidence in you. People that are in your corner will change their minds; it's not up to you to do it for them. How I manage to take that leap, is every morning I listen to inspirational YouTube channels and podcasts. I stay prayed up, and I meditate. I take time to think and write down my thoughts, feelings, and problems. I try to think of ways to solve them, creative thinking ... I love things that really get me hype and make me feel like I'm that woman, and I can do anything, be anything, and accomplish whatever I set my mind to. This helps cut all those worries down and shifts your perspective, Making it easier to make a decision that would make me happy and be a great help to my family. Going inside of yourself and finding what makes you tick, and keeping positive things in your ear will push those fears down where they belong. Like I always tell my friends, "Go back to your childhood," "Think of the memories that made you feel fearless and called to you naturally, then dive deep in yourself and revisit those things." You're not going to wake up in the morning and think all my positivity will make me take that leap; it takes time, effort, and healing because we all need healing. Once you give yourself a few months of working through your stuff, watch how dropping your baggage lightens your load so you can leap.

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