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The Search For Growth When Feeling Unfulfilled

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

If you can’t grow professionally, put effort into developing yourself personally. Take your time to find something that can expand your mind and positively affect your personal life in areas of your interests.

I was working a job for 10 years, no expansion in my title, no extra money, adulting debt, and student loan debt. Bored and unfulfilled, tired of only working to pay bills. I was struggling to grow all the areas of my life that I wanted growth. I felt like I was not walking in my purpose or at least doing something I loved to do.

I chose to take time for myself, because I became so angry about how many times I've worked my ass off with certificates, classes, and degrees to only make $35,000 a year with a household of six. I needed to let that anger go and move forward. Instead of dwelling in self-pity, I took my life in my own hands, I started doing the things I enjoyed as a child. Reading books on astrology, African spirituality. Learning about blogging and how to use my gift of writing.

I used my time to reconnect with myself and rekindle my love for family, art, health , spirituality, nature,makeup, fashion, business, and several other things. I just really wanted to do more with my knowledge. The few ideas I had, I never believed they could be brought to life. Until talking to my dad.

I came to him in tears, here I was at a crossroads in my life. I had a purpose but didn’t know what to do. Should I find other work or should I follow my heart and use my gifts to bring fulfillment to my life.

My Father said to me, so what are you going to do about it?

Me: I need to do something with my gifts, I just don’t know where to start or what to do.

My Father: Didn't you go to school and receive your degree?

Me: Deep breath and sigh, yes.

My Father: So what are you going to do with it besides working.

Me: I had an idea years ago, It’s been on my mind for many years. I want to use my voice, my writing, and my hands to help others.

My Father: SO.

Me: Damn, I need to put something together, I'm going to start a business, write my ideas down,and plan my business. It will bring people together as a community.

So Long story short, I'm here.

I just jumped, no real plan. I bought my LLC and started writing my ideas down and focus on what my business is. I figured as time goes on, I’ll smooth it out step by step like an artist painting, It will all come together as something beautiful.

My mind is so full of ideas. I put myself to the test, I needed to know what could happen if I used my gifts to drive me to the purpose inside. I got more acquainted with my talents as I set this business in motion. Making it part of my purpose. If I have ever had any doubts about my ability, this business quickly showed me that I'm DOPE. I can do anything if I put my mind to it and focus.

My family inspired and pushed me. My parents and brother cheered me on. This is the time to explore me and my passions personally and professionally.

Before starting Obsidian People, I felt I was not following my purpose and using my gifts for the fulfillment I was looking for. This platform has give me a voice to share with others and also given a platform for people like me to express and explore their self.

This blog is my winner. My advice to people struggling to grow and find themselves, go back to the things you once loved and reconnect with your inner child. Try something new, you never know where that road will take you and how it will effect your life for the positive.

Take this journey with me and see what's new and next with my new adventure, Obsidian People. Until next time Luvs ✌🏾&❤️.


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