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Don't be the 64% of Americans, Avoid the Negative Effects of Social Media.

Social media has become a way of life for many people, but is it worth the risk of your happiness?

Social networking sites such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to connect with friends from all over.

You can share endless selfies or discuss your feelings on any topic without having an actual face-to-face conversation! Although social media is fun and allows you to explore, Recent studies have shown that those who use social networks daily exhibit more symptoms related to mental illness than average users do - this includes depression/anxiety disorder-like behaviors.

We all are on some type of social media channels. We see and hear more content that is causing us to have interact with many opinions across all the different platforms. Topics on racism, hair, and the infamous Tik Tok rabbit hole on the Pink Sauce saga from TikToker @ Chef. pii ( I suggest you sit this one out. It's outta control).

So many creators, so many topics, and so many opinions, having more balance in your social settings helps keep your mental even.

Somehow we participate in many conversations and spread thoughts and opinions, good and bad views. About 64% of Americans have expressed how social media can negatively alter your mood.

As a result, the platforms are no longer as enjoyable to use. Social media algorithms have been designed to keep users engaged on the platforms for as long as possible, resulting in people feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

We are getting pushed down the rabbit hole of all the world's problems, internet drama, and extreme luxury that regular people may not obtain. Social media is no longer fun to use for personal purposes, the fun is being sucked out of it, and it has become a mental head game.

My question is, is this making you unhappy with all the world's topics at the tip of your fingers?

Can you separate yourself from the business of others and some unwarranted topics and opinions?

Can you move through these platforms without giving an opinion or having some emotional connection?

Social Media Home of the Opinions

As much as we love to scroll and see others' talents, products, and pictures and learn a few new things. We can't help but run into the trolls. Trying to avoid horrible content and comments is almost impossible and is a prevalent scenario on accounts with a large following.

Trolls love attention, no matter what type; they love to spread their misery, and the best thing to do is avoid it at all cost to keep your sanity.

Social media has become a breeding ground for negativity and hate. People use social media to spread lies and disinformation. They bully and harass others using anonymous accounts. This makes it difficult for people to trust what they see online.

The love of general conversation is dying. It used to be a give and take, but now it's about trying to get your point across.

Social Media gave a platform for everyone, even the mentally unstable, and going back and forth will make you mentally unstable and bring you down to their level. These platforms were made to be social, and give all people a voice in the world.

Cyberbullying is a worldwide issue. That takes many forms, including personal attacks, harassment, or discriminatory behavior online. Spreading defamatory information about someone else's life online is a dangerous game; it is a terrible idea to make accusations about other people online because it can ruin their entire lives.

Cyberbullying among teens is a significant issue these days. Cyberbullying Research Center surveyed 1,034 tweens (9-12-year-olds) across the United States and found that about 15% had been cyberbullied. More detailed information on various studies involving youth from 12 - to 17 years old can be found here.

Withdrawing from social media is a good thing because no matter how you try to avoid the unavoidable on social media, it can and will begin to affect your happiness and overall mental health if you let it.

Be mindful of the adverse effects of social media on our mental health and take steps to protect ourselves from them. Limit your exposure to negativity and hate and make sure that we're spending more time connecting with positive people and things. Social media can still be an excellent tool for connecting with others, but we need not let it consume our lives.

If you're struggling, limiting your exposure to social media is essential. Spend more time outside, connect with friends and family, and seek professional help if needed.

Another issue is platforms like Tiktok and IG have been known for silencing the voices of the creators of color, who are often targeted by an unnamed racist who hides behind their computer, causing a ripple effect that affects that community.

The trend of nonpeople of color taking from creators of color and spreading hateful messages never seems to get pulled down as fast as a creator of color.


One thing that can be said about Tik Tok is that many creators use this site to teach about things in the community that needs to be expressed and fighting against the unfair shadowbanding.

Think About Your Opinion

It's a human response to defend your opinion but don't get so stuck you can't see the other side of the argument. When leaving comments, expect an answer; it may not always be what you want. People honestly believe we are all supposed to have the same opinions.

Choose your words carefully when stating your opinion. People have lost jobs because they said or typed what they thought, which was very negative. You don't have to say everything you think and be careful of what you say. Words have meanings, and opinions also have repercussions.

The best thing is you can choose not to say anything at all and keep scrolling by.

As easy as it is to get stuck in the rabbit hole, you must be very aware of how your mood changes with viewing certain content. The more you view happy uplift content, your mood should be the same, but consuming too much harmful content can alter your personality, not just because you are viewing it but because you are engaging.

It's almost like a drug; you have to say no and limit your opinions and consumption of that content.

Don't Jeopardize your Happiness

DON'T JEOPARDIZE YOUR HAPPINESS! Social media is fun, and it's nice to talk to people, connect and share opinions but not at the expense of your happiness and mental stability. TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have one thing in common; they bring together people from everywhere, even the crazies, and not always a good thing.

Taking breaks from these sites is warranted from time to time. Spending that scrolling time with family or achieving your dreams is better than connecting to the people who know and love you. I can't say that my experience with social media has been horrible, but I've had times when I had to step away, unfollow, block, delete and change up my algorithm. I stay away from content that pushes your buttons as much as possible to keep your sanity.

We all learned that happiness is much more than trying to have a conversation with a brick wall. No response is the best, and like my granny used to say, opinions are like assholes; everyone has one.

Keep your happiness and save your battle for something meaningful.

Author's Bio:

Keyanna is a Content Strategist that help businesses grow their online presence through effective content marketing strategies. If you want to learn more about how to improve your content marketing, her work is featured in Indie Incognito magazine , NFTsDaily, Almoststudios and (AVA)Authentic.Voice.Agency.

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