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5 Useful Content Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Almost every business knows that content marketing is essential, but not everyone knows how to create a strategy that will help them reach their target audience. This blog post will discuss five content marketing strategies to help you connect with your customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Why Content Marketing Strategies are Essential.

Content Marketing strategies help plan how to get your brand out to the customer or your audiences. Over the years, I've learned that you have to be seen, connect, and build trusted relationships with your people.

Organizing and managing your activity on a daily base will help you set priority to what messaging you want to get out into the world.

Ten years ago, viral or content marketing was so easy that SEO tactics were effortless. As technology advances, so has how you get your message across. It's getting significantly tricky to get eyes on your brand.

All brands and businesses are using content to get the attention of consumers. According to Review 42, 90% of marketers are using content to catch the eye of their preferred audience. This means you have to do your homework to see what is working and what is not. Then create a plan that will help get you noticed

This is why Content Marketing planning is essential. You want to convert your audience into paying customers who love your business and message.

Identify your Target Audience and Create Content Marketing Strategies that Appeal.

If you want to make sure that your content marketing strategy is effective, you need to start by identifying your target audience. Once you know who you are trying to reach, you can create content that appeals to their specific needs and interests.

You say, how do I find my target audience?

Well, Who do you want to help with your brand or product?

Where can you find people with this problem?

What are they interested in, and how does your brand/product fit into their world.

Like anything, you have to find the characteristic that best suits your audiences and see if what you offer aligns with your messaging.

Now, did I hear you say? Well, how does content fit into this?

  • Written

  • Verbal

  • Video

All fit into the category of content. It is just how you convey your message.

If you are marketing in categories like

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Profession

  • Demographics

  • Ethnicity

You will need to analyze and learn about these categories to see what appeals to them and how you have fit their needs into your business persona.

A content marketing strategy can be a great way to provide your customers with valuable information on the topics they care about. By targeting specific niches and roles, you'll have better success as an entrepreneur by increasing lead nurturing rates or conversion opportunities for new clients.

Write Exciting and Engaging Blog Posts That are Worth Reading.

One of the best ways to connect with your target audience is writing compelling and engaging blog posts. If you can produce quality content worth reading, your audience will be more likely to stick around and continue coming back for more.

Get creative with your content; add a video, GIFs, Tik Tok, and Tweets.

Whatever you think will catch your audience's attention but still help solve a problem or give the answers to questions they have.

Never fake your content. Be true to yourself, authentic and relatable. Your audience knows if you are faking the funk, they see right through the smoke and mirrors.

Use Social Media as Content Marketing Strategy to Share your Content and Reach a Wider Audience.

In addition to writing great blog posts, you can also use social media to share your content and reach a wider audience. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are great ways to get your name out there and connect with potential customers.

Use what your mama gave you, and I mean your beautiful creative mind! No twerking !!

All people love an aesthetic it doesn't matter what background you come from; we all love visually pleasing content. Take, for instance, TikToker @thejenjones. As a vegan home chef that makes videos on healthy eating and vegan meals

Another great way to reach your target audience is by creating infographics, videos, or other types of visual content. People are more likely to remember and engage with information that they can see themselves in as or having, for example, Cadillac ads. You turn on the tv, watch your favorite show, and a new Cadillac commercial comes on. They show you this beautiful black truck rushing down an empty road, shiny and new. Two women in the car are laughing and having a good time on the way to a party; you get a quick look at the vehicle's body type.

It's dark, so you can't get a good look. Then a short glimpse of the interior as they list some of the features quickly, as at the truck the two women get out of the truck, the driver stops smiles, giving you a last look of the car before she locks the door and the walks away into the party. The truck is under a street light that is dimly lit; soon after, the price for the truck displays on the scene.

Now, what do you do if you like the look of the truck? Let me guess; you pick up your phone and type in Cadillac 2023 trucks. The commercial got your attention enough to make you want to see more of the truck's interior and its features.

Even if you're not looking for a car, it held your attention just at the moment to be curious about it. All brands and companies look for a way to pull you in to create an action for you.

Social media plays a part in the algorithm and your search history. Days later, you open up your IG, and what do you see that same SUV you were looking at days before, and now they are letting you know they know what you're interested in. So if you click to take another good look, you now have created a new path in your algorithm.

My friend, this is excellent content strategic marketing mixed with digital and technology.

Just in those moments, they have added your interest to data from your browser. So now, while you are relaxing and scrolling, your find more things you like making you create an action in help of buying.

Experiment with different Content Marketing Strategies.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different content marketing strategies until you find what works best for you. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so trying out a few different approaches is essential and see what generates the most results. There are about 1000 content gurus all put out mad content. You want to be different, show yourself personally, and find how you want to market; what's the look and feel you want to capture. It's a recipe just like perfecting that cookie batter you want to get right, Some will fail, but when you find the right touch, you have a good strategy that will work for you.

These five content marketing strategies can help connect with your target audience and generate more revenue for your business. Please don't wait to find your people; let's get started today. Let's Connect, Obsidian People Company can Crete great stagiest to give you the boost you need.

Author's Bio:

Keyanna is a Content Strategist that help businesses grow their online presence through effective content marketing strategies. If you want to learn more about how to improve your content marketing, her work is featured in Indie Incognito magazine , NFTsDaily, Almoststudios and


Read Keyanna’s About Me to learn more about her and Obsidian People. Send a quick message here., or feel free to check out my website. Thanks for reading! #contentstrategy #bloggingtips #onlinemarketing #socialmedia #targetaudience #digitalmarketing @content_strategist Content Strategist | Business Coach | Social Media Expert

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