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Alissa Mauter: The Beacon of Innovation Lighting Up the Entrepreneurial World

Creative Corner Alissa Mauter
Creative Corner

Hey there, beautiful Obsidian People community! 🌟

It's your girl, Keyanna Harper again with another episode dedicated to inspiring, emboldening girls and telling those stories that motivate you to dream a story so big that you would want to get up and go chase after them. Yes honey, now let us bubble up our dreams and take them to eat.

What would be a better way to begin this season than it will always be through one of those uplifting stories about business, creativity, as well as advancement? Keyanna Harper, one of us, meets up with Alyssa Mortar, a great executive director of Roundup Creative Agency, in the last show of “Creative Corner”.

Meet the Unstoppable Alyssa Mortar

Finally, in our most recent episode, we have a special guest – the impressive Alyssa Mortar as the boss lady of Roundup Creative Agency. This queen does not only represent the business maven but also the innovator who shines the entrepreneurial world with her flair and courageousness.

Alyssa Mortar – who was born in Toledo Ohio – began her entrepreneurship venture by seeking to enhance small companies with a sincere love for branding. She had a story full of determination, and resilience, and never gave up faith in branding, particularly, online branding.

Alyssa’s journey touches a nerve chord of many people living in this world. This is an epic story of determination, hard work and the type of faith that shifts mountains. She’s been there, done that, and got the ‘T’ shirt; she is back as they say here to tell her story ‘highs lows, et cetera’.

“Every day is a lesson,” Alyssa remarks, and it is the kind of real talk that we need to listen to, she says it so wisely. This is what becoming great means.

Why You Can't-Miss This

I am sure you like listening to stories, and this interview for sure will make you say, “Yes girl, amen”!

This one goes deep, this one gets personal, and Alyssa is dropping some bombs of gold. This is no ordinary interview but a lesson on surviving the entrepreneurship jungle gracefully and with lots of attitude.

Tune In and Get Inspired

Therefore, friends, watch with me for this soul-bearing. Pick that snack you like best, go to your most comfortable place, and brace yourself for inspiration, motivation, and some tears – we have.

That link, view that interview and let’s celebrate the path taken by a Black women entrepreneur burning the earth up with desire and vision.

“Take that first step,” Alyssa says to new entrepreneurs. “Have faith in yourself, have faith in your dream, and do not be afraid to create your own road.”."

Connect with Alyssa

To learn more about Alyssa and her journey, tune in to the full interview on "Creative Corner." Connect with her through her website and follow her on social media @guexperience to stay updated on all her latest projects.


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