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Balancing Career And Home life With Mrs.Joella Simmons

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hello OPC Pose,

This month Creative Corner is a good friend of mine. She is doing great things at Hope Learning Academy, where she is the school leader, and I am excited to introduce her to My OPC Pose; of course, you know I had to interview her about her school, her mission, and how to prepare for this school year. Since school is in full force, this is a fantastic blog and interview about school and how being a mom and a school leader is a juggling act.

I am sure you're going to love her as I do. So let get into a bit of info about Joella, her leadership role, and her school.

Mrs. Joella Simmons is one of the most inspirational, kind, and positive people in the world.

So, it only fits that she is the School Leader of Hope Learning Academy of Toledo.

Hope is a K-8 charter school that focuses on students with exceptional learning needs. Joella, her team of administrators, and teachers are dedicated to pushing the school for success while focusing on their students' social, emotional, and academic needs.

The goal of Hope Learning Academy is to support the needs of students with special needs by using a nontraditional classroom approach to meet the needs of each student.

Small classrooms, sensory integration, social skills integration, and art integration helps their students develop as critical thinkers and growth in interactive learning.

When asked how this journey shaped your life? "I always say that God put me in this position; this opportunity came by no merit of my own"

Joella is inspired by the school's mission, which is to teach, inspire, and help others grow to their fullest potential.

Joella says, "HOPE is about giving hope to students and families that may have faced challenges in traditional classrooms. We individualize our education and instruction so that each student can learn and grow to their fullest potential. As the School Leader, I can make a positive impact on the students and teachers that I lead."

"My goal is to inspire others with kindness, grace, positive energy. I lead with patience and kindness. I hope that others feel that impact rather they walk through my school or have a personal conversation with me."

Hope Learning Academy is committed to:

● Maintaining small class sizes

● Supporting a Highly Qualified and dedicated staff

● Holding our students to high academic rigor

● Developing students who are independent, critical thinkers

● Helping our students grow Social Thinking and Social Skills

● Providing an engaging, interactive learning environment

For more info on Hope Learning Academy, Click the link to the website.

  • 4234 Monroe Street

  • Toledo, Ohio 43606

  • 419.297.6313



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Don't forget to check out the Creative Corner Interview,

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