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Five Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Family as a Busy Parent

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

  Spending time with family as a working woman can be a hard thing to do. Working eight hours a day; five days a week, doing housework, packing lunches, cooking, and helping with homework, can put a strain on your family life. You don’t have a single minute to yourself after doing your mom responsibilities, let alone time for family activities. Your kids miss you and so does your partner. Keep in mind your partner is also working doing their duties in the home. Long days make you tired and cranky , and it becomes stressful and depressing knowing with everything you do, you have no time to spend with your family. I will share with you a few things I do to keep my family happy and interacting during the week and weekends as a working mom. FIVE IDEAS FOR SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY

1) Nightly TV time. Find a perfect family show to watch that everyone can enjoy, is a great way to spend time with the kiddos before bed, and it's a good quality time spender. Every night after dinner. We sit with the kids and find a show we can watch together. Right now, it's catching up on " Blackish” on Hulu. We watch two episodes of our chosen show a night. That gives us all the time to cuddle and be with each other before the night ends. 2) Game night, nothing like a good game of Uno or a family tournament of our favorite video games, Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Brothers. Typically in our home, we break out the games on the weekend. We can enjoy hours of fun without worrying about school or work. Laughing the night away as we beat our kids badly in the games, LOL. Get out the kool-aid, popcorn, and cookies. It's a family game night in the Harper home. 3) Scary movie night, weekends works best on these days. We watch scary movies until we drop. Nothing like a 80’s horror movie or a 80’s B style horror movie to make our kids laugh at the fact these movies scared us as kids. Most times my husband is the first sleep, but staying up watching scary movies camped out in the living room is the best. Fuzzy blankets, robes and slippers. Dim those lights it's about to be fright night. 4)Time in Nature, A family walk in the park is always a good idea. Taking about 45 mins to an hour to stop in the park with the family and getting some time in nature. Enjoying time outside with the family and having dinner in the park is a good refreshing way to relax you and your family on any given day.

5) Dance time, We love dance time. Turn up the Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Missy Elliott, it's about to go down. We give the kids 30mins to 1hour to pick a song and practice a dance they can do together. Next, it's showtime! We are showing are talents by dancing the night away, cutting a rug in the living room Laughing and having fun. Spending time doesn't have to be expensive or a very long drawn out event. Just carve out the time a few days a week to be with your family and remember after the kids hit the hay that is mommy and daddy time. Grab a glass of wine, sit on the couch and talk, cuddle or just lay in each other's arms. This time is for you and him after a long day. Family time is important for you and your family, maintaining a close relationship with your partner and your kids can be made simple, so get creative and make a healthy and happy habbits.

Stay Blessed , Less Stressed.

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