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Robin Major- Oliphant -One2Mpower Publishing.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hey Luvs! At last, the long wait is over!

So let's get into this Creative Corner about our featured guest Robin Major- Oliphant CEO/ Founder of One2Mpower Publishing.

I had to get this wonderful woman in my Creative Corner arsenal Robin Major – Oliphant is one name at the top of my list made years ago. After reading her book From Pieces to Peace: Damaged Goods and watching her smash book after book out in her own publishing company, I knew I just had to have her as a featured guest.

She is not only a brilliant woman but also such a sweet and down-to-earth person. Robin Has created several books under her publishing company and inspired many more women to find their voice and share their writing with the world. Before we get into Robin's incredible journey, check out her list of books. You will not be disappointed.

About One2Mpower

One2Mpower Publishing is a publishing service that provides clients a unique opportunity to participate in and learn to self-publish their own books. The benefit of doing so is to self-publish a quality product at a fraction of the cost of publishing the traditional way.

This gives the author creative control, 100% royalty rights, and the ability to distribute their books themselves; while adding a personal touch and frees up a larger budget for marketing and advertising.

One2Mpower Publishing's mission is to partner with aspiring authors and empower them to share their stories confidently. Providing quality, professional and efficient services with compassion and care.

When asked, What inspired your business?

Robin said: "Well, in 2017, I started my first book, From Pieces to Peace: Damaged Goods. This book is still my best-selling book to date; however, this win did not come without many challenges. I had spent the prior ten years, "wanting" to write a book, starting to write a book, but never following through."

"I happened to personally know a few authors, and they would always tell me "just keep writing" or "just write." "So in 2017, once I was halfway finished with my memoir centered around enduring trauma, I could not really connect with the authors from my past to figure out next steps."

"It was not very easy obtaining reliable information on the process of publishing because everyone had a different way of doing things. One year after completing my manuscript, I had self-published my first book, but I couldn't help but think, this should not have been so difficult. So, in short, my process birthed my purpose. As I wrote and self-published my own books, I created a process and program to help first-time aspiring authors tell their stories confidently."

"This journey shaped my life. It has helped strengthen some relationships that needed reconciliation in full transparency. It has helped me to become more disciplined, patient, and compassionate. This journey of not just being an author but carrying the mantle of helping others free other people by sharing their

stories have been so life-giving!"

As Robin continues to be as authentic as possible, she hopes to continue empowering others; women and men alike, to share their stories with pure hearts, good intentions, and the grace necessary to reach the people their projects are designed to grasp.

If you're looking to get published and learn more about the process, One2Mpower Publishing is a great resource.

Robin's knowledge has helped many people under her publishing company and has inspired others, including me.

Check out her publishing company to gain some insight into how self-publishing works and what goes into making a successful book.

What I learned from Robin is creative the book inside of you and share it with the world. This was an exciting Creative Corner for me and I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to check out the video of our interview.

For a limited time, One2Mpower is accepting new clients for full-service publishing. The services will be transitioning solely to:

Writing / Life/ Career/ Self- care Coaching

Writing and Publishing Mentoring

(cradle to grave 24/7 writing and publishing guidance and support)

Self-Publishing Mentoring

The best way to contact Robins at this time is via email at


Facebook - One2Mpower

IG: @One2Mpower

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Until Next Time! Be Blessed Less Stressed!

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