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Bailey Lewis: The Mastermind Behind Words First | A Creative Corner Special

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Hey beautiful people,

As the leaves turn golden and the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fills the air, we find ourselves in the cozy embrace of fall, a season of reflection and gratitude. It's the perfect time to snuggle up with a warm beverage and get inspired with our latest Creative Corner. I, Keyanna Harper, had the heartwarming opportunity to sit down with the phenomenal Bailey Lewis, the founder of Words First content strategy, to explore the human-centric approach to digital content strategy that she champions.

Bailey Lewis

The Journey to Words First

Bailey's journey is nothing short of inspiring. With over a decade of experience as a digital content strategist, she noticed a significant gap in the industry - the need for more human touch and understanding in the digital content created. This realization led her to establish Words First, a haven for professional communicators looking to upskill and bring a more human, intentional, and compassionate approach to digital content.

The Mission Behind Words First

Bailey is on a mission to revolutionize the digital space by putting 'words first.' She believes in the power of words to convey messages effectively and connect with the audience on a deeper level. Through Words First, Bailey aims to educate individuals and teams on the art of digital content strategy, helping them maintain and evolve the human experience in digital spaces.

Content Strategy for Life

One of the most fascinating aspects of Bailey's approach is the application of content strategy principles in everyday life. Yes, you heard it right! Bailey shares anecdotes of individuals applying content strategy tactics to navigate daily life situations, showcasing the versatility and applicability of these principles beyond the digital realm.

Navigating the AI World with a Human Touch

In a world rapidly embracing AI, Bailey emphasizes the importance of retaining the human element in communications. She advocates for a balanced approach where AI aids in enhancing the human experience rather than diminishing it. It's about using AI responsibly and creatively to foster genuine connections and create content that resonates with people on a personal level.

Word first digital content coach

Words First Offerings

For those eager to dive deeper, Words First offers a range of services, including coaching experiences, VIP content days, and a membership program packed with courses and classes to help you hone your digital content strategy skills.

To get a glimpse of the rich content and valuable insights Bailey shares, make sure to subscribe to her newsletter for a treasure trove of information that you can apply right away.

Connect with Bailey Lewis

To learn more about Bailey Lewis and Words First, connect with her through the following platforms:

Tune in to Creative Corner video

Take advantage of this enriching conversation filled with nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and practical tips to elevate your digital content strategy. Please tune in to Creative Corner for the full interview and join us in this journey of learning and growth.

So, without further ado, let's get it! Dive into the world of Words First and embark on a journey to create more human, intentional, and compassionate digital content.

Hope you Enjoyed ! See you guys Later !!!👋🏾

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