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How Blogging Brought Me Extra Income

Updated: May 16, 2021

It's 2021, and everyone is looking for ways to bring extra income into their homes. Millions of people lost their jobs and needed a way to get money coming in their pockets . At this moment, everyone is looking for something that can help them be creative, bring money in, and give them time to be with their families.

This pandemic has shown that people are ready to move from the everyday 9-5 to Side Hustles to create their own. Many of these jobs for years have overworked and underpaid their employees, this world time out has pushed people out of their comfort zone and put them in a place to think and work on something other then working for someone else.

My journey started before the pandemic; I looked for something else to do that I enjoyed besides reading and researching random things. I didn't know what this would turn into. I knew I love learning and writing, so I put the two together and found with much research that using my words and talking about all the things I love made me a content creator.

I was so worried if this would work, but I said, why not YELO!!! What do I have to lose.

As a new blogger, I didn't know where to go or what to do. All I knew is I needed to get there.

I started by getting on WIX. I knew I needed a website, and I didn't know how to do any of that. I asked people for help, but no one had the time help me. So, Like the researcher I am. I said, screw it, I'll learn it on my own. What better place to start!!! YOUTUBE, of course!!!

So many people, so many things, but it was free knowledge. It was so overwhelming to get a simple website up because, of course, I had to be extra, it had to be professional and look just like I wanted it to look.

It took me months to understand what I was doing. I stared at a blank web page for and half a year before I put a single word, background or anything on that blank page. Hell I cried every time I opened the site.

But finally, something clicked, and I understood how to design my blog page, with a few weeks of work my page was up and functioning, I was well on my way to make thousands, so I thought.

Now, just because you write a few things doesn't mean you're just going to get money. NOOOOOO

What does it Take to be a Blogger?

It took and is taking some elbow grease and hard work. Being a content creator is not for the faint at heart. You can't just wake up one day and say, yup, I'm going to be a Blogger and do what everyone else I see on Instagram does.

It's genuinely not that simple. It takes

  • Time,

  • Dedication

  • organization

  • Time Management

If you don't get that straight right away, you are in a world of trouble. Side Hustles are just as it sounds a hard hustle on the side, and when you work a 9-5 job, time is of the essence, and you will be pooped by days end.

But if you gave your job that 100%, you will need to push yourself 150% more than you do there.

You need Guts!! If you're not into reading and researching, if you're not taking your time to learn the new trends and tricks, you will not be successful in this side hustle.

Behind the scenes of your favorite Youtuber, Instagrammer, there is a lot of work that goes into, Pictures, posting videos, researching, writing, and selling. Because after all, you're not just doing this to get nothing from it.

Content Creators are Marketers. They are everyday people that market things that they use and like, and when your content is the excellent brand will come looking for you. But most of all, you're marketing yourself and why people trust your word for their next buy.

I tend to stay with smaller brands and people I know that have good products. Not because I get paid because that's what I like to do. I use my words and video to share

remarkable aspects of people and pushing them into getting noticed.

But don’t take this as if I'm not making some money from this. But outside of doing the content I love, I do make money from my work, and let me tell you, How?

How I Make The Extra Income

Well, I didn't start making money right away. I pretty much was doing the thing for a hobby, getting my creative juices flowing and providing a place for my family and friends to showcase

their crafts and arts.

My husband ran across some pretty well know guys called the Krassenstein Brothers talking about NFT's (Non, Fungible Tokens). This is a new way that the arts are being sold using cryptocurrency. If you want to know more check out:

The Brothers needed a writer to write on their website to get the buzz of prominent artist turning over to NTFs. So with that being said, My husband gave me their info.

I was so scared to contact them, I thought maybe they wouldn't like my work; Maybe I'm not what they are looking for.

But babyyyyy;

I said to myself, you know what? You can handle a no and be ok with that, but I can't take not learning if I did try what would have happened.

So, I contacted them in my very professional office way.

I didn't see anything for three days, I was ok but my anxiety started to kick in.

What if they found someone else? You know all those head questions you get with anxiety.

It didn't matter I still kept going. Later that evening I got a DM back. Hey,sorry we are late with responding. Yes we will need a writer; give me two weeks, and we can get together.

WOW, I couldn't believe it.

2 weeks came, I drafted up my contract, we talked, he gave me insight on what to do and what they wanted, we negotiated a price, and I was on my way.

All though the contract was a short one. I got paid pretty well, and I enjoyed reading about that content. I learned things I had no idea about and I just ate it up, with my art background, it was a very easy write for this content.

This opportunity opened up for more to come, and it was a significant boost to my confidence levels in my writing.

I started to research expanding my writing services because I like writing for others, and I ran across is a copywriter, ghostwriting, and content writing for others. For just an extra 4-5 hours a day, I can make 19K -79K or more from a side hustle.

I was here for it!!! thus, I pushed forward on offering my services on top of writing what I love.

Tips and Tricks for a Profitable Blog.

If you're looking to blog and make it profitable, here are a few things that I have signed up for and used to bring some extra money home.

Fiver, is a Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses you not only can be hired for work, but you can also hire people to do work.

Now, Fiver is a big company and has thousands of freelancers waiting for the big client to pick them for jobs. SO standing out from the crowd will help you get the big bucks.

A little cold calling or email to people and company will get the job done just right without the Fiver if you are ok with searching out potential clients.

Brand Deals, is partnering with a company to market brands products for pay.

Like I said before, cold calling or send a professional email over to a company looking for a writer to write about their products. Don't sleep on the small companies because this

is a win for you and your client trying great products and market their business while falling in love with new products from new companies.

Affiliate Marketing is an easy way to get a few extra coins by talking about products that you already use, posting links and coupons to help drive traffic to the affiliate site and yours. Every person that buys from you links that another coin in your pocket. Most business nowadays has an affiliate program, I use Amazon, Mountain herb rose right now, and I will have more to come.

Driving traffic the goal is to get people to connect with you and learn about products you use everyday consistent engagement and content that helps you build trust with your audience. You want more people to see you, and your clients want more people to see them.

Many people run to social media to get reviews on products. I love social media, but I am awkward when making reels and Tik Toks to get people to see me.

Setting aside a small budget for Facebook ads and Instagram and Pinterest is also a great way to drive traffic.

Don't feel bad you're not moving like other people. Pick your head up and keep going, write down your plan and stick to it, add a little at a time. If one thing doesn't work after some time, try something else. As you learn what works for you and others, the work and audience will come.

To wrap this up, I will say this don't give up; keep moving the people, and money will come to keep coming with the fresh new ideas and move on them.

See ya Hunns

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