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Let it go, and Reclaim Your Happiness

Obsidian people wants you to take care of your spiritual and mental health.

Letting go of trauma requires much work. This is not a quick fix, this takes everyday to get past the things that stop you from being the best person you can be. Today's blog is about healing and letting go so you can allow your spirit to open up and receive all the blessings the divine has for you.

Focus on letting go of pain, fear, anxiety, past regrets.


If you have a journal or a piece of paper, write down all the things that hold you back from being the best you. Here are a list of questions to help you identify thing you need to let go.

What pain or issuses that pushes the best opportunities away?

What fears that keep you stuck in place even though you want to move forward?

How does anxiety stops you from having great experiences?

What past regrets blocks you from being happy for others?

What blocks you from completing a goal?

Once you have answered the questions, read it, think about each answer, and write down why these things must go.

Burn the paper, cross it out, or write across the paper this no longer serves me.

Say a prayer in your own words, or you can use the prayer I use for myself.


Divine spirit, thank you for allowing me to be present at the moment. I am here to let old things go that no longer serve me, I am here to ask for support and help from you to face some of my most difficult times and ways. Please help me heal old wounds and insert the goodness this life has to offer. I want to be open to more happiness as I move forward in your light to maximize my life with positive energy.

Thank you for your guidance.


Focus on the Positive

Now we will focus on bringing in growth, abundance, happiness, self-love, and awareness of your life. Write down things that you want to bring in using those mentioned above. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

Where in your life do you want to grow?

What do you want in abundance in your life?

Where do you want more happiness in your life?

What can you do to bring more self-love?

How can you become more aware in your thoughts

When you are done, read it, smile, feel it in your spirit, and tuck it away.

Why do I want you to tuck it away? Because as time passes and life begins to weigh you down, you can go back, reread what you wrote to remind yourself to do the work, focus on the now, and the positive.

Let's Do the Work

If you do the work everyday, you will see the change in your thoughts and your life, but you have to do the work every day. Just as negative things were sealed into your mind, you have to replace those with the things that make you feel good. Replace the bad with the good, and just, so you know, you may ugly cry, which is alright, let your emotions flow.

We all have felt pain in many different ways, sometimes when we don't face that pain, we hold on to them so tight it brings fear in areas of your life you want growth. You will grow bitter because you never face the real issues, you'll just think they will go away. Well, let me tell you that it is a lie. Nothing just goes away, it just gets buried deeper, so you have to let go of that pain and replace it with the brighter things life has to offer you. For your health, and health is wealth.

I have often felt pain from the very people I loved, and it stuck hard, day and night thinking about why? What did I do? And how could it be better? I just wanted the pain to stop and go away. It wasn't until I decided to lay those burdens down with The Divine on paper, that unlocked something in me.

This process is not to discredit or replace therapy because talking to someone about the pain, and all other life issues is a big help, but like with anything, you have to do the work to get the results so why not get a jump start.

Meditation and Affirmations

Take a 3 min quiet meditation, clearing the mind, and refreshing your spirit with three deep breaths.

Weekly practices that can be done in five minutes each day.

• Practice quick 3-minute meditation and deep breathing

• Say positive affirmations to self

• Do something small for yourself every day.

Journal your feelings and what you are grateful for.

Positive affirmations

I am beautiful

I am worthy

I am special

I am capable

I can do this.

I have made a wonderful print-out that you can use every week to

list out the positives and negatives of your I am, then reflect on those and work on making more positives than negatives every week.

I am Reflection Sheet
Download PDF • 1.66MB

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