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Let's Talk about Herbalism

Now, for me, herbalism has been something I've grown up knowing, working with, and eating.

These things were passed down to me from my grandparents. Let's say learning about the herbals gives you total respect for the things that have been giving to you to maintain health.

So to take this a bit further, I got with my beautiful cousin Erica Powell for this month's Creative Corner to talk a bit about herbalism, plant life, and her journey with this lifestyle. The Creative Corner interview will be posted below so, check that out. Erica has about 15 years of experience and knowledge of working with plants and herbs. Honestly, she was the first person I contacted when I wanted to understand more about the lifestyle and gave me a reason to be with the beautiful human. Her knowledge about this lifestyle is one I appreciate. Her relaxed and fun demeanor makes talking about herbals and other life quests so easy and palatable for a beginner. I love talking to her, and she is so good at what she does; I can't wait to see what her next steps will be.

If you haven't read my blog 5 Ways to Incorporate Herbalism into Your Daily Life a few weeks ago, I encourage you to head over there and read about some of the benefits of being aware of herbs plants can do in your life. It is the actual definition of food; it creates the substance needed for your body to maintain its healthy environment to keep you healthy and fight off things in your body that break down your system.

In the blog 5 Ways to Incorporate Herbalism into Your Daily Life, I list several books and ways I incorporate this gift of herb.

If you have any questions and interests about the herbal lifestyle or want to know more, feel free to head over to Erica's IG Mirror_Manifest.

Click this link below if you are looking for an excellent place to start grabbing up your herbs and natural herbal ideas. Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite place to order, and I love getting emails from them with new ideas to try with my herbs. Go ahead and check it out.

Now here is our Creative Corner for the Month Herbalism with Erica .

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