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Vivinne Williams of Veriditas Yoga & Wellness LLC

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

OH MY GOSH !!!! Hey there Obsidian People!!! I am not only excited, but I am honored to interview and blog about this beautiful soul. She is not only a successful YouTuber, but she is also an excellent spiritual coach.

Vivinne Williams, better known on Youtube as Yoga Bliss Dance, She is spiritual teacher, yogini and meditation practitioner for over 2 decades. Been featured in Essence, Self, Yoga Journal & Heart & Soul magazines. She provides spiritual coaching (online and audio/video) for any woman ready to live their best, most joyful life! The focus is on spiritual growth, meditation, manifestation & developing our intuition as the connection to the Divine.

Veriditas Yoga & Wellness and Yoga Bliss Dance's mission is to help midlife goddesses thrive through meditation, mindset, and manifestation training so they can share their soul gifts with the world.

What inspired her business is her time in academia. Her time in this career, she was bullied and made to feel inferior, which created a mental health crisis for her in which she suffered PTSD, anxiety, and depression. At this time, she realized she was not the only woman who suffered from this and dedicated her time to heal women and the planet.

Vivinne is not only a spiritual coach and yogini; she is a fantastic artist. This journey has shaped her life in helping others reach their full potential as spiritual beings. She knew that her significant interests in spirituality would be her primary interest in her life. She inspires many women with her Youtube videos, audio, and written materials that teach basic skills with free meditation and higher-level courses. When asked, Vivinne expressed that she inspires women to risk stepping forward to share and teach.

Personally, Ms. Vivinne has helped me with her free Youtube teachings and meditations, but I genuinely enjoy the paid Goddess Circle, (which I seem always to miss the live sessions). Still, I always go back and watch her recorded sessions and do the work that is asked. She doesn't know just how much she has helped me get through the dark times I had within myself. She has helped me to move forward in the blog. Her soft, calming voice is a sweet song to the soul, and her information is endless. Her open heart makes room for midlife women, but younger women would also benefit from what she has to offer.

Vivinne offers different courses and sessions throughout the year.

The Goddess Circle is a group that meets once a month around the full moon. You will receive helpful PDF's to help work on the theme of the month and Her newest course on Chakras: Chakras for Challenging Times: manifesting through the Chakras for women is also a great course to take if you want to learn and work on your chakras.

The second major program is an elite level program by an application called Money Mindset Magic, a Mastermind or 4M for short. This is a spiritual prosperity study with the law of attraction and vibration topics in a supportive high-vibe group.

You beautiful ladies should look into her Youtube, and if you do not have Patreon, Youtube is now offering membership; you can check that out. Don't miss out on your healing and empowerment. Vivinne has a beautiful group of women that follow her and empower each other.

You Can contact Vivinne

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Check out our interview below!

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