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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

It's finally spring, and if you're looking for a colorful luxury fashion brand to complete your wardrobe, MFINITY is a must-have for your spring collection.

Mercé is the creator behind MFinity and UrbanDigitz this luxury fashion and is blowing up the scene with her eclectic art from the UrbanDigitz brand embedded into her clothing line.

This month we interviewed Mercé about how black art influenced the culture around us and talked about both of her projects. Her Luxury Artist Fashion Brand is one to be celebrated. She is one of the most humble people I've ever come across, and her artwork shows.

So, Don't forget to check out the interview on MFINITY and UrbanDigitz click below to check that out.

So without further ado, Let's get it !!!

An Accomplished Empowering Luxury Fashion Brand.

This brand features custom printed art on fabric made to order. This limited collections has variety of styles for him and her. The apparel designed by artist and designer Mercé Culp is for people with an eclectic taste for funky color palettes, vintage hues, and patterns. It's like wearing the pages of her sketchbooks.


Of course, it wouldn't be a Creative Corner if I didn't ask Mercé about the mission of MFINITY, and here is what she had to say. "The primary mission of MFINITY FASHION is to pour my artwork (UrbanDigitz) into the fashion industry and create wearable canvases. This approach provides another way for people to enjoy my artwork and envision a more artful wardrobe."

MFINITY FASHION allows the public to be an art collector, therefore, creating a gallery of art from their closet to be exhibited when paired with your favorite jeans and a fabulous pair of shoes.

Mercé hopes that when people see the various things she creates, they are compelled not to compare themselves but to reach inside and drag-out the dormant ideas and uncommon skills they have and pursue the things they have always longed to achieve against all odds.

The Inspiration of MFINITY Fashion

Mercé's inspiration comes from a thought that she had when she was nine years old. She had the idea, what it would be like to wear her art.

Fast forward years later, while in college, she took alternative digital print and imaging courses that gave her the knowledge to proceed with her 9-year-old idea and transfers her art into clothes.

This journey had caused a pivot in Mercé's professional life when asked the multidimensional artist said, " I have fine-tuned my skillsets design-wise, created systems to replicate and transfer knowledge, and I have found my niche in business to build my brand."

"My life is rich with unforgettable experiences and meaningful experiments that have come full-circle at this point in time. My life will continue to take shape as I become my best self, personally and artistically."

"The feedback I receive from others of all ages is that "Wow, you do all that"? or "The way you talked about "a-b-c" really helped me to realize "x-y-z"... and now I can "1-2-3". It's the comments along these lines that help me know the work I put in as an artist and design educator must open a world of possibilities for others to move forward creatively."

Mercé Artistic Journey will inspire you.

If you ever had a dream or idea take noticed about Mercé's journey, from a nine-year-old girls idea, until now an emerging luxury artist fashion brand. This blog post should speak volume on not giving up on ideas no matter how old they are, it doesn't matter how many people are doing it, they can't do it like you because you are an original.

Here is what MFINITY fashion offer: Men's and Women's casual wear, sneakers, and accessories, you can contact Mercé at click the links for MFINITY and .URBANDDIGITZ web pages.

Social media

instagram: @mfinityfashion

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