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It’s Ok to be You!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

As a content creator, you are always in the light of the public, getting the attention of being noticed for your work; it sometimes makes you so self-conscious of who you are, what you care about, and how you see yourself. It always feels like you have put on a show and not be yourself because people expect you to be that person they see in your content.

It’s ok to be you and at ObsidianPeople, we embrace you being

you if it doesn’t hurt others.

This article is based on a conversation I had with my four children about being yourself and loving the skin you are in.

It All Started With A Song

I was having a horrible week, fighting the most challenging time with writers’ block, and started questioning if I was doing the right thing by pursuing my business and passion. I was struggling with my day job. I was just in a crappy mood. So, I made an upbeat playlist so that I could fight my mood.

As I searched for new songs, I ran across this piece By Ashley Dubose called BE YOU. This song is several years old, but it was new to me. As I listened, something clicked in my head; I started to cry.

Not because I was sad because it seemed like she was speaking to me in a way that made

me think. Was I not being myself? Am I allowing rumors about my past to stop me from being me?

After hearing this song inspired me just to be myself as authentic as possible, no

matter what people think they know about me. I didn’t need to be anything else

but who God put me here to be. So that one song prompted me to make a playlist

of 36 songs that keep my spirits high. I made an affirmation just for when I am

too hard on myself.

I am strong

It’s ok to be human

I am successful

I work hard for what I want

I am divinely guided

I walk with God and my ancestors

I am that chick!!!

Nothing can stop my glow!

Like the artistic mom, I wanted to share this song with my children and talk to them

about not trying to fit in and just being yourself. Like what you like, do what

you love and be happy no matter its difference.

The song has become our anthem on school mornings. Every morning we play this song and sing the lyrics. This reminds my children and me that it’s ok to be yourself in this world. No matter what others say you don’t have to follow the crowd. Create your lane and walk it.

Embracing Who You Are

In this conversation, I told my kids to embrace who they are. “We all had people

challenge what we liked and who we were as kids.

This was the case when I started to find my way in the world. I was always a bit

different, but as I got into groups many things, I loved about myself changed

because it wasn’t what others were into. I wanted to be accepted by my friends.

Eventually, I found groups of people who were into what I was into, which made my experience fun.

I shared my experiences with my kids; I let them know it’s ok to be different and

embrace who you are and what you want. So many kids and adults feel that they

must fit in with specific groups to be cool or get some status among peers.

Embracing the person, you are inside combats anything harmful others think and feel about

you. Working on self-esteem gives you the confidence to show the real you to

the people in your life.

Getting Over Your Fears

Fear can keep you from so many things, like embracing the real you, meeting new people, and taking a leapof faith.

Fear is a natural emotion when you are unsure about something or feel that you may

be putting yourself in danger. The easiest way to fight that fear is to analyze

if you are really in any danger. What are you afraid of, and how can you face that fear to show you are not in danger?

After finding the root of the real issue, put a tester out for you to see. That you

are not in any danger, and all those negative thoughts and feelings are not

honest; this is the real problem, so let’s solve that and go head into what you

feel is right.

Fighting the fear can cause anxiety because you don’t know what will happen when you

start being who you are; you will think about how people will react when you tell

them you don’t like certain things and prefer something different instead.

If the people around you can’t accept the real you, then they are not your friends.

Friends welcome the differences. This conversation when on for about an hour. This discussion with my babes encouraged me to rethink hope. I downplayed myself through the years because I was afraid of being judged.

Finding The Place Where You Belong

Finding and embracing the real you involve looking inside, writing in the journal, and exploring the depths of your inner self. For me, it took being alone and working on myself to find what I enjoyed without others around. I always love to read.

So, I started to pick up books that interested me. I discovered that I love astrology and spirituality. I love learning new tools that help me run my business. I love paranormal shows and podcasts. I enjoy giving people information that I have learned and, of course, my first love of writing. All I want to do is meet people and collab with good people.

After many years I made my place where I belong and invited people into my space. My advice is to get outside of your box and embrace those weird and corky things about yourself. You never know how many people enjoy what you have to offer them, so be you and explore what makes you tick inside.

Until next time,

Be Blessed, Never Stressed

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