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2020 State of Emergency Black Lives Matter, Are You tired Yet?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We are in a state of emergency. 2020 is showing us that many people have been living in a state of denial selfishly. We've been living in denial about our racial issues, our government, and our daily living for years.

We watched as the water began to boil over all over the world. People are tired of racism, classism, and oppression from people we have hired to make living equal for everyone.

America's past has peaked its head out yet again, letting us know that our racial issues were never resolved. You have to be blind to feel as if these issues were resolved.

Black people in American learn to survive in it.

The pain of black men and women being killed unjustly is being felt across the world.

Thanks to social media, the issues hidden behind the scene are now being filmed for the world to see. This behavior never stopped and only seen because cameras are assessable on every person's phone.

It's more convenient to pull out your phone and film than to get involved with what's going on. That's a post for another day.

The issue is, people thought things were better since the time of my parents and my grandparents. This has always been a lie! A cover-up for the racist undertones and class discriminations in this country.

Every few weeks, we see the death of our brothers and sisters due to police brutality, racist vigilantes, and racist acts from people who claim their actions aren't racist.

As a black woman, my heart bleeds because, we are fighting our grandparents' fight. Why are we still fighting this? What has history shown us? It's a repeating cycle for black people in this country.

We look to the government for help, our public officials, and community leaders that aren't helping. Have they ever really helped? That's the question we need to ask our selves. If the issues didn't benefit them or the lobbyist that throw the big bucks at them to get laws passed for their greedy pockets, we see nothing to help us.

No action, We hear about the conversations to smooth things over until it goes away quietly. Have you noticed it?

The people with the big bucks are very silent, but not so much when things began to affect their pockets. So what does that say?

We need to hold the companies accountable for their silence. Not a meme or a commercial. Real action is required, and these companies need to stand with the people that spend the most, putting money where their mouth is to get real change to move forward.

If they can't stand for the people in need, they don't deserve our money. We need action now.

What we are witnessing is history. We've been here before, so knowing our country's history, we need to be smarter about the approach of how to proceed for the betterment of our country.

These instigators that sit in our government, law offices, benches, police department and all other essential positions, have been put there for a reason and they aren't holding their part of the bargain up. So, it's time to clean house everywhere.

What can we do to equal out the scales? As taxpayers, we have the right to demand what we want for our communities, states, and country.

That is what the government is for, right?

That's their job to serve and protect the citizens and provide protection of our well-being and happiness.

They are not doing what's best for us as citizens, but they are pushing their agenda. It's time to hold them accountable, and we must remove them by vote or force. They shouldn't take our money and do whatever they want to the citizens that allow them to pay their bills.


It's time to start putting our money together to build community centers that help our children learn and understand government, law, finance, trade jobs.

We need to teach our children the importance of knowing about what's going on around them and helping them be apart of a system that the wealthy want them to be ignorant and unaware of what is built for them to move ahead.

We should come together and raise money to have schools built in our community so we can control what and how our children learn—raising money to put black banks tha