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Our Lives Matter

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” — James Baldwin.

We have arrived in a new administration. By its looks, we could have the help needed on a government level for change in our black communities. We’ve been fighting the same fight since our great, great, great grandparents. Our communities have been attacked in every which way for over 150 years; It’s 2021 we are long overdue for a change.

It has taken camera phones’ technology to show the abuse of power used on black people, and the racism oozed into our lives. These are the things we have been yelling, marching, crying, and fighting about. It has taken all of this for people to see. The world has watched the killing of our people by police officers savagely. Racism in every form imaginable, imposed in our daily lives. Blatant, passive-aggressive, and systematic racism all being recorded for the world to see.

These things have blown our communities back. We need reinforcements in high places. President Biden’s administration has a chance to change many laws put in place by many of his colleagues to repair the damages done. Will they do it? Will they step in front and take responsibility for the government’s part in tearing us down?

From birth, generations in poverty have inadequate school systems, a lack of jobs to support their families, inadequate healthcare, no mental healthcare, and a lack of positive community centers and mentors for our young. The funds for positive things in our communities are low; whatever we do have, the mandates are crazy. These are the things that the government would cut first.

Will they help with that?

The window of opportunity is open. We need to know precisely what we need and want from this new administration to help our agenda in showing Black Lives Matter. We are a part of this country too.

As the saying goes, believe half of what you hear and none of what you see. This administration is under a microscope with black people. We listen to the talking, but we want to see action.

I’m asking for the black community to understand that they are the administration for all Americans. Still, our community needs to be on the plan to put things in place to help with all the things that we are lacking. We are in a state of emergency because Our lives matter.

What’s happening in your local government

Let’s not forget the local government is just as bad.

They receive funding for different programs and don’t let their residences know. They do an inferior job at advertising things that can help others needing help.

Some of your local government officials are sure to let their friends know about ways to get this funding first, but not you.

Not telling the residence about the funding causes the funding to go unused. Next time the budget comes around, a smaller amount is issued or canceled, and your city loses the money that could have helped the city and its people.


We are giving this administration a chance to make real changes that will affect lives for generations. I have faith that Change is coming, but not just by the hands of a government; we have put so much time and effort into people who talk good, but action proves to do the opposite. We need to hold them accountable, and also, we need to be responsible for our change.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -President Barack Obama.

We cannot always look for a savior when we are the answers to our problems. We can set up funds to help build up our communities and hire people from the communities.

We can help put kids through school, and we can build the things we need in the community.

It’s not their community; it’s ours. Just 25 dollars a month from each person in the community for a few years to build the things we need and want in our community. We buy up our abandoned lots and builds. You want to show our lives matter band together as a community.

Our lives matter, so let’s show them that our lives not only matter, but if we stop spending in their communities, that cash flow is a significant loss. We can have and own our banks in our communities.

We are the Change. We can go to the administration and tell them what we require to repair our communities, so the administration knows what and how to help. They can create the laws to help and where funding needs to go. We can start as small as the local government and work our way up. We can put people that know and trust in seats of power. To help with moving forward.

This administration says it will open a door for us to walk through with a plan of action to save our communities. If we don’t get the help, we take what hurts them the most, our money. We play checkers when we should be playing chess. Over the years, both parties’ goals have been for us to become dependent on them to be controlled and manipulated. We are the bones of this country; we’ve been bullied into thinking otherwise.

What I took from that horrific incident at the Capitol is, they were willing to take on the government no matter the price because of what they believe. Which are lies, but they band together for one reason, they felt the Democrats took their freedom away.

Now, I’m not saying we need to band together and do what those crazy people did because (we all know the authorities would meet us with guns, dogs, and hella force). We need a party of our people appointed to be a part of the government to ensure our communities are cared for.

We have to put the money behind it; We have no time to sit pretty, be bougie and ego-filled. Civil rights and freedom have never been a lovely sight; history tells us what we are doing wrong and right. History is the blueprint for us; our leaders and ancestors left everything we need to get free and show our lives matter; we can’t be so content with just being. Like I said before, we are in the era of information, and we need to play chess, not checkers.

We need to make sure we are doing our part to make sure our communities are safe in all aspects, I don't know about you but waiting on the government to do the right thing isn't the fastest route to getting things done. So, are y’all finish or are y’all done waiting for people to do the work we can do ourselves to save what’s dear to us.

and this is My Optimistic Outlook.

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