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Put Some Respect On Ice Cubes Name

Told myself the same thing, Put Some Respect on Ice Cubes Name.

Like many people, I was confused when Trump senior advisor Katrina Pierson thanked Ice Cube for helping Trump develop his Platinum plan, which boasts a 500 billion stimulus package to even the playing field for the Black community.

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm tired of the media playing, especially as it pertains to Black America. On the other hand, we have to do our research because history has shown us how our leaders and prominent Black voices are built continuously up only for the system to try and use them when the agenda no longer works in their favor.

Back to Ice Cube, though, Mr. NWA, Fuck the Police and Arrest The president himself, all titles earned as brutality and injustice continued to suck the soul out of black communities country-wide.

So name me one time we have known Cube not to be solid?

When was the time he flipped on our community?

Straight Outta Compton showed us NWA was anything but that. In an era where rappers are glorified liars and willing to do just about anything to be liked. If the movie is entirely correct, Cube just might've been the most solid of them all. Remember, he was the only one who didn't sign that bogus contract?

And now he's working with Trump.

Although he's never met Trump Or Biden, both parties did reach out to him regarding his Contract with Black America. Click the underlines for the link to read the contract.

The contract outlines the causes of racial disparities in our community while providing an economical solution to erase the Black community's systematic oppression.

The 22-page contract addresses various avenues to consider for black people to achieve economic justice, including addressing racial inequality, massive bank lending, judicial, public policy, and police reform.

While the headlines will continue to read "Ice Cube Joined Forces with Trump," he'll keep telling the truth. That upon reaching out to him, the Democrats decided to wait until after the election to discuss their plan for Black America, while Trump's administration decided to amend their program based on The Contract.

That's it.

"They all lie, and they all cheat, but we can't afford to negotiate with whoever is in power, or our condition in this country never changes," Ice Cube said.

So like the title reads, Put Some Respect On Ice Cube Name.

Because it's good to know at least, Ice Cube that won't melt under pressure.

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