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"Affirmative Action Clash: Edward Blum vs. Fearless Fund's Empowerment for Black Women Entrepreneurs

Empowering Black Women
Fear Funded

Hey there beautiful people! Let’s talk about a storm that is brewing Our main character. Edward Blum a conservative who is famous for shaking up affirmative action and the avenue created to give people of color a boost in the good old U.S. of A. This man now has his eyes on the Fearless Fund, an organization focused on empowering black women owned businesses. The tea spilled by Reuters has got everyone talking.

Now, let’s get into it. Edward Blum, head honcho of the nonprofit American Alliance for Equal Rights, is making waves in the fight against affirmative action. He's been on a mission, y'all, and it's clear as day: He believes race shouldn't be a factor in college or career opportunities. His efforts have led to some significant legal victories, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court June 2023 decision denying reliance on college admissions

On Aug. 3, Blum decided to take Fearless Fund, an Atlanta-based private equity firm, to court with the claims the Atlanta firm is practicing racial discrimination by making only black women eligible in their grant competitions.The Fearless Fund is Founded by our fearless sisters - actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, entrepreneur Ariane Simon, and company CEO Ayana Parsons - the Fearless Fund aims to bridge the economic income gap for founding women of color by building scalable, aggressive companies. Now, that’s what I call Black Girl Magic!

Strivers Grant Contest
U.S. Supreme Court

But Blum doesn't feel magic, you guys. In his lawsuit, he accuses the Fearless Fund of illegal racism. Taking an aim at the Fearless Fund’s Strivers Grant Contest, which gives black women small business owners $20,000 in grants and digital tools to help grow their businesses.

According to Blum, by making only black women eligible for this sponsorship contest, the Fearless Fund violates Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. The law secretly prohibits racial discrimination

This lawsuit has sparked a heated debate about the position of affirmative action in business. Supporters of the Fearless Fund argue that tasks like the Strivers Grant Contest are important to deal with the systemic boundaries that Black women face within the enterprise world. Critics like Blum say those tasks are discriminatory and violate civil rights legal guidelines.

Despite this challenge in the recent past. The Fearless Fund has made substantial strides in supporting Black girls in commercial enterprise. The Strivers Grant Contest, as an instance, has had a transformative effect at the groups it has supported. The $20,000 offers, alongside the digital gear and mentorship possibilities supplied, have helped those businesses develop and thrive. Black Enterprise pronounced this statistics.

The lawsuit filed by Edward Blum is a tremendous hurdle for the Fearless Fund. However, it's also an opportunity for a broader conversation about the role of affirmative motion in commercial enterprise. As this legal warfare unfolds, seeing how the Fearless Fund and similar tasks navigate the complicated intersection of race, business, and law is something we need to follow closely.

The Fearless Fund's mission to help Black ladies in enterprise is a decisive pass in mission capital. Despite the controversy surrounding the Fearless Fund , I hope they fight like hell and stay committed to their mission.

As we know other demographics seem to always have a leg up as we struggle just to get on the platform. This is just the beginning of how many of these so-called God fearing conservatives are nothing more than hypocritical Ken’s and Karen that are not accepting how the world is looking a bit more Black and Brown and their control is falling first. Be highly aware they are coming for everything to gain control to push us all back down the hill.

Until Next time My luvs !

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