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A Forward Path- Bre'Shae Pittman And Kaylah Walker

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hello, My Obsidian People. This week's blog is about two awesome black women making their presence known in their communities,[A Forward Path]( is helping low-income students receive help needed to move forward in their educational needs. These two women are moving headfirst into serving their communities, even under the circumstances in today's atmosphere. Their nonprofit, is just starting up, and it's making some noise. So, without delay, let's enjoy this read about A Forward Path Organization and why we need to be celebrating them.

A Forward Path is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in late August of 2020. The founders Bre' Shae Pittman (of Toledo, OH) and Kaylah Walker (Atlanta, GA) started this organization from seeing a need in the community to support the younger generation in getting the help needed to move them forward in preparing them for college. A Forward Path provides supportive services to high school students, including college searches, college applications, college tours, financial literacy, tutoring, and mentoring support.

As these two first-generation college students prepared for college, they realized just how hard it was to go through the application process with very little help. I know from my own experience on my way out the door of

highschool. The school counselor did not explain the college process and programs well. My parents helped me with the application process but it was the community programs that helped prepare me on what to expect and the verbiage with applying.

This can be very discouraging for 17 to 19-year-old high school students who have never done anything like this before. Many of these students never even know what programs are available to help them. This is why A Forward Path is special, because these two women are taking their experiences and what they see as a need for others and helping them get on the right path to their future. These women understand this issue and put their gifts to work for the community.

A Forward Path understands how important it is to have student support in these areas. They are committed to helping students out as early as possible to give the resources needed to help.

Low-income students suffer the most; with failing school systems, and school to prison pipeline. Low-income students pay the cost for the lack in their community's education system and is under capitalized. Studies show that low-income families are not as prepared for higher learning as their white counterparts. In the [U.S Department of Education States:]1992, 21% of low-income families making less than $25,000 were highly qualified for a four-year college, but 34% to 56 percent were unprepared in their studies. The essential part they are unprepared is READING. We all know that reading and comprehension are a significant part of applying and understanding the application process.

Forward Path's mission is to provide the undeserved and low-income students programs that will give them access to the educational, vocational, and leadership opportunities that are so often limited. Bre' Shea and Kaylah are working hard to break down barriers that have long face our communities.

I honestly think what they are doing is excellent and will help many children with all the potential to be great and bust down those walls meant to keep them out.

When asked about How this journey shaped their life, the answer was more then one can imagine, these two women are beyond qualified to make this work for the good of their communities. For many years, both worked in the philanthropy and nonprofit sector. They had supported roles in bringing their community together by raising funds and awareness to help those in need. Now more than ever, the two feel the need to use their personal and professional experience to lead their Path of supporting youth to higher education and beyond. A Forward Path has long been a dream of theirs, and seeing it finally come to fruition has been a whirlwind for the two.

In August, the organization started a campaign to raise $2500 to donate COVID-19 care kits for students returning to school this fall. The care kits would include hand sanitizer, mask, gloves, wipes, school supplies, and a touchless door opener. The pandemic has taken a toll on families financially, for low-income families purchasing school supplies, which is already difficult for some. But now, with Covid-19 guidelines, extra items must be bought to maintain the health and safety of the communities and this could cause more of a strain to the families.

As of September 14, 2020, Bre'Shea and Kaylah exceeded their goal of our $2500. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!!

This is an massive moment for you, and I'm proud of you. We all must stand up and help these women continue their quest to help the youth; without the guidance, we are all lost, so anyone who wishes to support A Forward Path with a donation can donate online by visiting the website,

A Forward Path is also having volunteer opportunities .

Packing Party:

Sunday, September 27 1:00-2:30pm

Lee + White Beverage District

1020 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.

The packing party is to help pack up all the COVID care kits.

Slots are first come first serve. So if you are in the Atlanta, GA area you can register here: [PACKING PARTY]

You can also donate items for the COVID care kits through their Amazon wish list - or

Items can be sent directly to:

922 Hwy 81 East, Suite 430, McDonough, GA 30252

A Forward Paths, long term goal, is to expand its operations to reach students outside Georgia. They look forward to their organization to support students from all over and allowing them to participate in their programs: a path to higher education, a way to financial freedom, a path to success, and an approach to their own.

Bre' Shea and Kaylah are excited about providing opportunities that might not otherwise be available to help students. These two brilliant women understand that it takes a village to support and uplift the future generations. We must remain helpful and hopeful for your children even when everything else says otherwise.

A Forward Path is something I believe is needed in all communities in the country. After school programs for our inner-city children are underfunded, and doors are closing. Our children are being left with nowhere to turn for help in any area that is troubling them. We must take the forward Path to make sure our children get everything they need to succeed. This organization builds healthy communities and shows that it only takes a few people to get the ball rolling.

We can not sit around and think any government officials will help us do what’s best for our children, we must take control of our communities. Currently, A forward path is building community partnership programs to work with other nonprofit organizations that are working to address the community's needs.

Knowing Bre' Shea personally for over 25 years and watching her grow into a wonderful ambitious woman and mother is exciting. Her passion for others for a more significant cause will surely help the children in her community. I'm proud and honored to know and push her and Kaylah's cause for others to see and support.

I am looking forward to working with these two women soon.

If you are interested in A Forward Path, please contact:

email at

Time of operation - Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Anyone who wishes to support them with a donation can donate online by visiting their website,

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