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AlmostStudios Brooklyn's Graphic Design Mogul

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hello, My Obsidian People! For this week's creative corner, I have done something a bit different this time. I decided to get in front of the camera and interview a person that I'm inspired by.

I really feel you guys will love this interview and love knowing that someone around your way is really making their mark in this world.

Yes, I am talking about my brother Odes Roberts II. Those who know me personally know my pesky little brother. Well, he is not so little anymore, but still pesky. LOL.

Despite the fact he is my family, he’s kind of a big deal😁. His groundbreaking designs have been hitting the scene for quite some time. I want others to see that he not only smashing out dope designs. He uses his voice and creativity to spread awareness of the social injustices that we see playing right before our eyes.

Let's be clear, I was very nervous about being in front of the camera, asking him questions about his business, and I'm pretty awkward. Still, hey 🤷🏾‍♀️ , for all it worth, I had fun. I've watch Odes pull himself up to be one of the best graphic designers to grace social media. His creative ideas are not only FANTASTIC, but they also bring out a sense of emotion pulled from his personality. From the brightly colored fashionable designs to awesome graphic tees with thought-provoking, honest messaging on them. He expresses how a great design can push the limits to make dope shit.

Scroll to the bottom of this blog to see the interview with the Founder and Owner of Almost Studios :

A Little About Odes and AlmostStudios:

Odes Robert II was born and raised in Toledo, OH. Odes stepped into his future career early in age. Since a young child, he was all about exploring the new tech of adobe, photoshop, and other computer programs. Late teens early 20's he moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend Ohio State University. He realized during this time graphic design was his destiny. Based in Brooklyn, NY, for about 10 years, his career focus is graphic design, product design, and branding.

The award-winning multidisciplinary designer, Odes created Almost Studios after coming close to achieving his dream jobs, yet they slipped through his hands because of creative indifferences. Frustrated and ready for the change, he made his own way using his creativity to better service his clients without others' restrictions and give his clients fresh direction for their companies.

Odes' catalog extends to widely known companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Shutterstock, TED, Verizon, Adobe, and The New York Times. I'm sure you have shopped at the stores, heard about any of these businesses or seen advertising; you might have seen his work and never knew it.

While working hard to pushing his company forward, he still finds time to give us products like: Limited-Time Graphic Tees, Posters, Pins, and Candles (Belly Acres smell so good I can't wait until they are back in stock). Check out his shop Almostshop.

He's kinda like a jack of all trades because he also has mixtapes of some pretty cool music. Proceeds from the shop items' sales will go to BLM and Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective.

Also, check out his journal: You're On Your Own. This is an excellent blog of his about his experience as a black small business owner.

Signs of Protest

Signs of protest are features to download and print flyers or posters to help join the fight for justice and quality. Almost Studios has really outdone themselves with this unique way to get people involved with this fight. The whole page is full of teachable content on Black Lives in America.

This informative format contains contents of interactive links for learning about the protests against injustice and racial discrimination.

Odes took the time to put incredible information on non-profits listed below:

The Emergency Release Fund,

Community Justice Exchange

Split donations

Mental Health Non Profits that support the black community.

For all those who want to give to the cause, please visit this link Almost Studios.


The Signs of Protest features several artists of Almost Studios team:

Odes Roberts @almststudios

Milsia Makris

Jordan Roland @drawjordan

Nana Marin

Erin McCue

Almost Studios is paving the way for other black graphic designers to follow their dreams of stepping out of their own, not knowing the outcome and putting a cap on fear.

My advice is to stop letting others devalue your talent, be something great, and create something impressive. The next generation of black and brown kids is waiting for you and looking for you to show up and shape their lives.

Having the backs of small businesses is my favorite to do. Still, the support of small black companies says so much for our communities. No matter where they live in America, helping black people in your city pours economic growth for black communities, which is dearly needed.

Keep an eye on Odes Roberts and Almost Studios. Big things are coming.

Now Presenting Our very first interview.

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