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Tony Smith- Kase Qtr Productions

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Hey My Obsidian people. So we are back to back with Creative Corner over the next few weeks. Why? Because I have some outstanding features of need to know People.

Case in point, Mr. Tony Smith President/ Publisher of Kase Qtr Productions, he is another one of those features that should have your wheels turning on why you should know him and his production and publishing company.

Kase Qtr Productions is a black owned professional management consulting and publishing company. They are a one-stop-shop in consulting. Representing businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and publishers.

Founded in 2009, this production business has become a premium foundation in those areas in which it represents.

Provides services in:

• Publishing

• Live Entertainment

• Event Production

• Career Consulting

• Personal and Business Management

• Booking Agency

• Digital Media / Web Design

Kase Qtr Productions has launched a new publication on July 1,2020 called Indie Incognito. Indie Indognito allows Indie Artists and Entrepreneurs to have a strong position within the publication.

President of Kase Qtr Production, Mr. Tony Smith, desire to start Kase Qtr was fueled by wanting to be independent and charting his own path. His love of collaborating with amazing people provides him with the idea for much-needed services for artists and entertainers needing a trusted advisor and advocate to push their dreams forward. Mr. Smith has been in entertainment since 1997. His experiences in this industry include publishing minorities & women in business magazines.

Mr. Tony Smith believes strongly believes in building solid business relationships and lifelong friendships with artists and entrepreneurs around the world, It has been a major piece of his life journey and has helped shaped his life and uplift his spirit with a realization that he has something to offer our society. That inspires him to leave a positive and lasting legacy.

The goals for Kase Qtr are to inspire others to do their own thing. Giving the next generations a place and a voice at Indie Incognito Magazine and Kase Qtr Productions. These voices are uplifted by sharing and advocating for their own brands, platforms, and causes. This assures the entrepreneur that Tony and his team are there for them as a mentor.

Kase Qtr, located in California, was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lofty objective, to offer quality career and fulfillment consulting services for socially conscious entertainers and businesses. Whether you are a small mom and pop business or an individual artist, Kase was crafted to service your needs, help you grow, and shine a light on your dream.

Mr. Smith, Is a down-home guy and has inspired me to keep working hard and pushing forward. In a brief back and forth about putting this blog together and trying to figure out a routine schedule for my endeavors (Shot out to Joella Simmons, you're a lifesaver for helping out), and a host of technical issues that just wouldn't let me be great. Mr. Smith was very understanding and laid back.

As I said to him, in my most fanatic moment Purpose waits for no person. I understood at that moment I just have to work through difficult times and setbacks. I was embarrassed by the issues I had, but Mr. Smith said one thing to me that put me back in my place.

"It's the young visionaries like you who inspire us to be Inspirational."

Thank you, Mr. Smith, for your contributions to my work. Honestly, guys, if you looking for a company to help you out and motivate and guide you. Kase Qtr Productions is your place.

Don't forget to check out the interview below.


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