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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day will be a hard one for many people this year; with the high surge of COVID-19 cases; many states have put mandatory curfew for most states. The urgent sound of news outlets telling us we need to stay away from big family gatherings makes people rebel against what needs to be done for our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

Many people are out of hope, food, money, and patience with the government, others, and the whole COVID-19 thing. Making people upset and frustrated.

While we all know this is a bummer and we are missing hanging with family and friends during the holidays we must remember we want to see our loves happy and healthy so please be careful and make the right decision.

Although this Thanksgiving is very different than we have ever seen, we must remain Thankful, Grateful, and push from the grim state of everything around us. Every day when I pray and talk to my ancestors, I say thank you for keeping my loved ones safe. If anything, these last two years have taught me is to be grateful for every day you are walking around and being able to be around the ones you love in some form. Some people are struggling to put food on their table right now, so not only be thankful for God putting you in good grace. Donate food or your time to help someone this year any way you can that is safe during this mess.

Thanksgiving has always meant to me love, family, happiness, fun, food, and smack-talking with some of your favorite people in your family.

Although our traditional Thanksgiving is cut short this year, find a way to make the most of the day. This year is bizarre, and with this weirdness, you have to find happiness in just the moment. If Covid has touched you or you have been affected by Covid in any way, I just want to say keep hope, and we are all praying for the best for you and your family during these challenging times.

For others who have not been touched by this awful virus, be thankful and show some love to people who have lost loved ones, sick with COVID, or are stressed with the country's craziness.

What we are witnessing is going in the history books.

It will be a small Thanksgiving for us; as we wait for our test to come back for COVID, the thought of not being with my family outside my home is a bit sad. But the good thing is zooming Thanksgiving. It's is the way to go this year. I can still share jokes with my brother, virtual hug my sister-in-law, and lay eyes on my mother and father, and even that makes me happy because they are here to share these crazy times with me.

Thanksgiving without all the technicalities is about family, love, and being thankful. We have to be grateful for even the small things to find the glimmer of happiness, love, and compassion during this challenging season.

If you want to stay just a bit happier during this time, I’ll tell you to stay away from the news site on Social Media. This will keep you a bit less triggered by the crazy comments and thoughts of ungrateful people, unhappy people. We don’t want that unfortunate vibe to stick to you.

What I know and understand is the holidays are sometimes hard for many, even without the year of the COVID, so I’ll say this in confidence, make you a little piece of happiness, take this as a time and use it as a reflection for what to be grateful for, and be safe here my luvs...

Have a safe and Happy COVID-free Thanksgiving...

Obsidian People Company

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