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Create A Business with Zero Dollars

If you are broke, don’t worry. There is light at the end of the tunnel! I’m going to give you some tips on starting your own business even when you don’t have money to invest in one.

The thought of starting a business can freak a person out just at the thought. Lots of people out there who want to start their own business but don’t think they can because they don’t have the startup capital to make their dreams come true. Businesses are starting everyday some with thousands of dollars to invest and others with less then fifty dollars in the bank. Prospective entrepreneurs often start by identifying a need in the market they are looking to step into. Coming up with an idea to fulfill the need they see profitable and helpful to others. The issues are some entrepreneurs have a really hard time securing funding; their idea dies before it even gets off the ground.

First things first!

1) Find a topic or idea that interests you

2). Research your competition, what they do well (and don't), who their clients/customers are

3). Develop an value prop for yourself

4 )Come up with 10 ways you can differentiate yourselves from others competitors.

All entrepreneurs look for a way to get their business started and it can be damn right difficult to obtain capital for your businesses. Instead of trying to raise the money you need to fund your business idea, utilize the resources and relationships you already have. Start small and make the most of the existing resources you have available. The following resources will help a new entrepreneur map out the steps they can take to get the financial backing needed to push the idea into and actual business.

Use Your Resources You Already Have

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try to make the most of what you do have. Identify the existing resources that can help you develop a business idea that you can afford to get off the ground.

· What experience do you have? What are you great at? For example, if you’re great with food, consider starting a business based on your knowledge on healthy food to eat, recipes help other eat healthy to improve their health.

· How can you start a business with the supplies you already own?

· Can you diversify your personal network for information, and professional help? Network with Intention to build a better relationship with the people in your networking circle, they love what you do and would like to help you fund your business.

Choose a Business Idea with a Low Startup Cost

If you’re still not sure about your business idea, here are some low-cost ideas to motivate and inspire!

  • Digital -In the digital age, it's not just about what you sell but also how. Start by selling services and products online through your website or social media channels like freelance writing, consulting or marketing in order to build up an audience of potential clients before launching any other type of business (e-commerce).

  • Blogging- Blogging with affiliate links that generate revenue when someone buys something else because they were referred by yours; drop shipping which requires no inventory at all - instead purchasing goods from suppliers who ship them directly onto retailers' shelves--and making money.

  • E-Commerce- You could launch your very own eCommerce site featuring great products from small vendors across the globe; just take into consideration where they ship product so that customers will have enough time before receiving delivery dates corresponding with each calendar month. Etsy has been around since 2005 when its founder started selling handmade items on this platform - nowadays people sell all sorts of things here including jewelry or clothes made by their own hands (and feet).

If you are thinking about how to make money online, there's no better way than starting a business. The internet is full of opportunities and if done right it can be an extremely successful venture!

Marketing Strategies on a Budget

When starting a business, it's important to keep your startup budget small and focus on less expensive marketing strategies. If you're feeling ambitious or want the flexibility of doing things yourself then go ahead with paid advertising but know that this will add up quickly so make sure whatever approach suits best for what you need help achieving should be used in preference!

· You don't want to mess around with a potentially confusing name, so be sure you file the correct documentation with your state's Secretary of State.

The right type of business entity can make all the difference when it comes time for marketing and promotion--and there are two common options that every entrepreneur should know about: sole proprietorship or LLC (limited liability company). If operating as someone other than yourself brands their work under "name," they need both DBA certification from local authorities AND registration formalities completed online before creating profiles detailing themselves according to the guidelines; otherwise legal action might ensue due lack thereof.

· You can get your business noticed with free marketing tools like social media and partnering for cross-promotions. A quick email or comment below one of their posts will help you stand out from the competition.

· Google is an excellent resource for local businesses looking to get found by customers on the internet. It's free, personalized and easy-to use so you can post your company information with confidence - no matter what industry or size of operation that may be

Explore Your Funding Options

Funding your business is a lot of work, but if you’ve got the right mind set and endeavor to do so then there are many ways for entrepreneurs like yourself get access external funding. Know what options might be best suited towards supporting that need in order prevent any future complications down this road.

  • · Crowdfunding is small amount of capital from large numbers of people who like to invest in small business venture. It can be done with companies like Go Fund me.

  • · Angel investors are private investor has high net worth that will provide financial backing for start-up businesses.

  • · Bank loans, can help with business lines of credit, and business credit cards. But you must first build your business credit score to get the best interest rate.

  • Small Business Grants, The U.S Department of Small Business Administration provides grants to states and eligible community organizations in order for them promote entrepreneurship, including SBA loans!

Starting a business can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow the steps we laid out in this blog post, your chances of success will increase exponentially. By starting small and taking advantage of what resources are available to you for free, you can grow into a successful entrepreneur without risking everything on an idea that may not work out. Remember these tips when starting up so that your startup costs stay low and don't forget to take advantage of all the helpful advice from other entrepreneurs who've been where you're at now! Have any questions? I'm here to help! Send me an email - I'll get back with you ASAP :)

Until Next time

Be Blessed Less Stressed

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