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Plug Size Confidence! Give us our flowers. We are Killing it.

What I love and enjoy is the love and appreciation for women with that extra fluff.

It has been a long time coming that mainstream media and our beloved social media sites give beautiful plus-size women their flowers.

As a short plus-size woman, it really brings the emotion out of me when I see these beautiful bold women breaking social norms and barriers. Growing up, things were tough for me in the area of self-image.

As far back as the second grade, I can remember how people teased me because I was a chubby girl. My pediatrician told me that if I wanted to be as pretty as my mom, I needed to lose weight; I was 12 years old. I remember that painful feeling walking out of the doctors' office, head hanging low, almost in tears, because I didn't look like my mom, and I wasn't small.

I got in the car, and the tears began to fall. My mom turned to me and gave me some wise words, I never forgot. My mom was and still is my hero; even though she talked to me and I was so hurt, that feeling stuck with me until I was18. My confidence took a turn for the good.

Why Not be Plus Size Confidence.

Most plus-size girls/women have had something similar happen to them. Many have fought to be confident and embraced the body that they are in. People really don't know or understand the level of damage others do to the psyche of plus-size women when you point out things that make them who they are.

Most plus-size women spend most of their lives yoyo dieting, exercising and fighting depression. We feel bad for not looking like society tells us we should look. Sure we want to lose weight, get toned, and be healthy, but sometimes for the wrong reasons and not for ourself. We sometimes do it because of social pressures and may not be aware of it.

We just want to be happy healthy version of ourselves because it's so easy to fall off the wagon and gain the weight or fall into depression. Learning to be Happy, Healthy and Plus can be a challenge when you're not happy because of what others feel or say about you.

My favorite phrase is, "What other people think and say about you is none of my business."

Be you unapologetically and have your confidence like your coffee, hot.

People will always have something to say no matter what, so F them and give them a show to remember.

Positive Plus-size Social Media

Social media is a cesspool for negativity, They way strangers speak about others in a manner that crush their confidence is crazy. The thing that really grinds my gears is how plus-size women are depicted. For years we were seen as needy, man-hungry, aggressive, loud, obnoxious, gaudy, tacky, and over the top—shows and movies like the Parkers, Phat Girls, Hair Spray show plus size women as jolly clingy monsters.

Or you have the group of people who think all plus size or overweight people are lazy and unhealthy. None of these things are always accurate. Some women are just made that way; some have health issues some could have something going on in their life. You don't know.

In real life, Plus-size women are women just like the next. We should be loved, celebrated, and feel good about ourselves.

Plus Size Baddies Please Stand up

Women like Jill Scott openly sings about love, pain, sexual desires. She's a stunning plus-size beauty that presence commands attention, and talented in many different areas she is killing the game all over the place she smash the narrative of big women aren't fantasized

We just want to feel like the world is judging and dismissing what we have to offer the world. Plus size women want their talents, education and contributions to be the front runner not the size of the waist line.

The more representation of Beautiful Plus Women, the better it is for young girls and women that struggle in that area. Watching sexy, confident women embrace their sexuality, humor, and fabulous lifestyle. Watching them take the world by storm and achieving goals out of this world.

Women like Ashley Graham flaunting her post-pregnancy body and stretch marks, Tabria Majors doing a rendition of a sexy Beyonce compilation or a newfound fav, Nzinga Imani, a 3X Plus-size model who is fine as hell and talented.

I follow these beautiful women on Instagram and love seeing all the projects they do, all the shine that they are getting because of their talents has me in the comment Like, 🙌🏾. 👏🏾 ❤️ Yes Hunny, serve them.

These women and many more help me feel more confident everyday, they show the side of Plus-size other people don't see. I am definitely inspired. So give us our freakin flowers because we killing it in everything.

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